Cloud Computing or Virtual machine is an Internet based computer service which  helps to operate almost all computing services like Storage,Server,Software installation, Data base management, Networking and Analytics etc..  with high speed internet.

Robot Trading in Cloud.
Usually We  install Robot software in our Laptop or Desktop. So we are forced to  keep the computer on until the market closes. If we shut down our computer, The robot trade stops functioning. But If You install Your Robot trade Software and your trading terminals in a Cloud (Virtual computer) never shuts down. Whenever trader wants to monitor the software,he can login through his computer or Android mobile.

How Cloud Robot works?

Step 1.  Subscribing Cloud Computer ( Cost  depends on Ram, Processor, storage etc... eg: 1 gb ram cloud is much cheaper than 6gb Ram cloud.

Step 2. Install Robot software and broker terminal. 
After subscription,You will get an IP address., Login and password. apply these information through your windows software to connect the Cloud. Then you can install all necessary softwares and broker terminal in VPS.

Step 3. Monitor from Your computer or Android smart phone.

Whenever you want to monitor the robot trade, You can connect cloud desk top from your computer or any android based software. Use remote desktop application from windows or RD Client Apps from Android.