Robo Trader Strategy

Strategies are brainy part of Robo trader software. They  give the most important information to auto trading software like Buy, Sell,Short, Cover command. robo software will receive these information and execute trade in broker terminal.

Crossover Strategy for Auto trade.

This strategy is widely used all over the world, It is very simple but powerful strategy when market is in trending phase. Two different period moving averages crossover will be used for long and short trade. When fast moving average crosses the slow moving average towards upward direction, a long entry will occur and short vise versa. Stop loss and target will be set in the robo as per the trader's risk reward ratio.

Super Trend strategy for Robo trade.

This is a most popular strategy in intraday and positional Trade. It is an ATR (average true range) based indicator). Super trend has two basic bands . Upper band and lower band. Upper band calculates, High+Low)/2+multiplier*ATR  and lower band calculates (high+low)/2+Multiplier*Atr).  Based on these values, it will create a final band and and when the price cross and close above or below  this band, long or short indication will generate.

ORB Indicator.

Opening Range breakout(ORB) is a favorite trading STRATEGY FOR Intra day Traders. various types of ORB strategies available. Five minute high low breakout is very common strategy. First mark the High and low of a 5 minute Candle stick. If high breaks, long trade will execute and breaking of low indicates a short signal.