Equity, Futures & Options, Currency and Commodity Robotic Live Trading Software.

Day trading is truly a professional job. Plan, Discipline and Money management is an essential part of the Trading. A good trading system will help you to increase the winning trade.
We Realsense has developed an automatic-Robo trading system called Realsense Trend Locator, after extensive research of Indian equity, futures, Options, Currency and Commodity market. 
As per our theory, we divided trend in three sections. Bullish stage( Green Candle), Bearish stage(Red Candle) and Confusion stage(Grey candle). Now  every candle will tell you the current position of the market. Then we applied few technical indicators to find the exact Buy Sell area.
Through this System even a non technical analyst can also trade without fear. from Last 24 months thousands of our clients are successfully using this trading system.
How will It work?
First You have to Install Amibroker Trading Software to Your system( You can Download a trial version from www.amibroker.com) and subscribe Live data feed (NSE,MCX Realtime data Feed) from any authorized vendor. Then install Our Realsense trend locator plugin. Now your trading System is ready for the Trade.
Whenever the Green arrow appear, You can Buy the scrip. and red arrow for Short. Target and stop loss level also visible in the chart.

NSE-CD USDINR 5 Minutes Chart 

NIFTY 5 Minutes Chart