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MCX Automated trading Robot

Algo trading or  automatic trading mechanism are principally utilized in foreign Investment institutions and corporate traders for  trading.The mechanism can buy or sell the script if some technical conditions  are met. an equivalent system are currently used for mcx commodity market and Nse equity,Future and options and Currency market. Mcx auto trading robot can facilitate the mcx traders to do there own personal work, Traders do not wish to take a seat close to the computer system and confuse regarding the market trend. 

The robot can do a trade for the traders.If The system generate a buy Signal The mechanism can obtain the script at value, If the system generate a sell signal The mechanism can sell the script at market value. This Mcx auto trading mechanism can facilitate the mcx commodity trader to form an honest profit in commodity market.


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Highly Accurate Intraday Commodity Robotic Trading Software 

Commodity trading involve high risk. without a perfect trading strategy, trading in commodity will wipe out your trading capital very fast. We, Realsense trading solutions developed an Auromatic-Robotic Commodity trading system after extensive research of Indian commodity market. This system will generate highly accurate trading signals automatically. So you can fearlessly trade in commodity with our Realsense Trend Locator Software. Thousands of people successfully trading  with this software and most of them are renewing their subscription frequently.

How will it work?

First Yo have to install Amibroker charting Software in Your computer. You can download a trial version Amibroker from Next you have to subscribe NSE equity, Futures & Options, Currency or MCX realtime Data feed from any authorized data vendor. Then Install Our Realsense Trend locator plugin. Now your system is ready to generate trading Signals.

Green up arrow is indicating a buy signal and Red down arrow will indicate Short Signals. Target and Stop Loss also visible in the chart.

MCX Copper 5 minutes Chart

MCX Crudeoil Chart 5minutes.