Real time Premium quality data provider for stock,index  futures and options.

Highly accurate and reliable data feed is an essential part of Intraday trading.  Because a day trader should act perfectly, based on his technical analysis decisions. The technical traders are more particular about their data provider and choose only after a detailed analysis of their quality.  If realtime data  not maintain the quality factor, it will effect the trading decisions and may loose lots of money in the trading.

Accuracy of real time data is most important.

Data accuracy is something that the trade value in exchange and your chart should be similar in real time. for example If ICICI bank's first trade has executed Rs.1000 at 9:15:01 am in national stock exchange(NSE), if your NSE realtime stock chart  also shows the same value at 9:15:01 am, it is called data accuracy. And in first 5 minutes totally 1000 trades were executed in exchange and your chart received only 95 trades, then the data is not accurate. it will seriously effect your moving averages, indicators, bands and trading systems.

Speed of the Real time data

Most of the vendors offer 0 second delayed chart but they hide the frequency of data updation.  You must confirm the frequency of data updation before subscribing. because the market always turns its trend suddenly. If we are not getting a genuine zero second delayed data, it is very difficult to manage this kind of situations.

Back data period

If you find a trading strategy, and you want to know how this strategy was performed in the past, you need back data of the script. If you have one month back data, you can only analyse one month performance. if you have at least 6 months back data you can get a clear view of the strategy.

Multiple system access with single login information.

Many real time providers allow to login in single system. some of them charging an extra amount to provide an additional system login. If you have one laptop and two desktops one  in  the office and another one is at home, you will have to pay extra amount for two systems.  So better you select a provider allowing a single login ID with multiple systems.

Real time data information

Many data providers offering only OHLC data and it is very difficult to analyse a trend only with OHLC information. A perfect analysis considers volume, open, high, low, close, change, %change, bid, ask etc.. to maximise the result. how can it be possible to get a perfect trading decisions , if your NSE real time data provider is not updating these information to your chart?

Customer Support

Most of the customers are complaining about this issue. Most of the providers are failing to give a proper customer support.  Serious business people always have a dedicated support team. the real sucess of any business is happening through a customer satisfaction.