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Free Day Trading Indicator for Amibroker

Posted by realsense india on Thursday, November 27, 2014 Under: Amibroker Trading Systems

Gold Fish Indicator for Amibroker.

Gold Fish is momentum based indicator and it is good for Intraday and positional trading.

39 period simple moving average envelop showing the the current trend of the scrips and buy sell signal will appear based on the momentum crossover.

It is good for Nifty, Bank Nifty, stock futures, options,commodities and currencies.

happy trading.

Copy and paste the below formula to your Amibroker.

//GOLD FISH INTRADAY TRADING SYSTEM //By Abdul, //good for Equity, F&O, Currency and mcx. //visit my website for suitable trading strategy for this Indicator. k=MA(C,6)*0.04/100; ab=(MA(H,Param("EF",39,6,100,1,0))+k); ba=(MA(L,Param("EF",39,6,100,1,0))-k); Plot(ab,"",colorBlue,styleLine); Plot(ba,"",colorBlue,styleLine); Color=IIf(C>ab,colorGreen,IIf(C<ba,colorRed,colorLightGrey)); Plot(C,"",color,styleBar|styleThick); function Momentum( array, period ) { return array - Ref( array, -period ); } XXX=Momentum(C,10); Buy=xxx>0 AND C>ab;Short=xxx<0 AND C<ba; Buy=ExRem(Buy,Short); Short=ExRem(Short,Buy); PlotShapes(IIf(Buy,shapeUpArrow,shapeNone) ,colorBrightGreen); PlotShapes(IIf(Short,shapeDownArrow,shapeNone),colorRed);

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