1. What Is Robo Trader?

Robo-trader is a software application that trades automatically using pre-programmed rules. These rules are based on technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis uses charts and graphs to predict future price movements. Fundamental analysis looks at things like supply and demand, earnings, and economic factors.

2. How Does Robo Trader Work?

The robo-trader program works by following a set of programmed rules. When the market moves outside of those parameters, the system will sell off its position. If the market moves back inside of the programmed parameters, the system will buy back in.

3. Pros & Cons Of Using Robo Trader


• You don't have to do anything except sit back and watch the profits roll in.

• You can use any type of trading strategy.

• There's no risk involved.


• The system doesn't know what it's doing.

• You can lose money if you're not careful.

• You need to learn how to trade manually before you start using the robot.

What is Stock Trading Strategy?

1. Stock Trading Strategy

The stock market is a great way to make money if you know what you're doing. There are many different ways to trade stocks, but I'm going to show you how to use a simple technical analysis system called Elliott Wave Theory.

Elliott wave theory was created by Ralph Nelson Elliott, who was known as the father of modern technical analysis. He developed his theories while studying daily charts of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index. His work led him to predict waves of increasing and decreasing prices, which have been confirmed in actual price movements. These patterns are based on Fibonacci numbers, which means they are not random. Elliott's work is based on mathematical principles without any human emotion.

Here we go! In order to understand how to use a stock trading strategy, you need to first learn about Elliott wave theory. Let's start at the beginning.

2. Elliott Wave Theory

In Elliot wave theory, the market moves in five-wave trends. A trend is defined as a series of higher highs and lower lows. Each wave consists of three parts, and each part represents a specific pattern.

A bullish trend begins with a long white flag wave. This is followed by a short black flag wave, which is then followed by a longer white flag wave.

A bearish trend begins with a long black flag wave. This is then followed by a shorter white flag wave, and finally a long white flag wave completes the cycle.

3. How to Trade Stocks Using Elliott Wave Theory

Once you've learned how to identify these waves, you'll want to buy low and sell high. Here's how to do it.

Buy Low

When you see a long white flag wave, you should buy shares of the company. You don't want to buy them right away, though. Wait until the wave ends before buying. If the wave continues, you may want to wait even longer.

Sell High

When you see a short black flag wave ending, you should sell shares of the company. Again, don't buy immediately. Wait until the wave finishes before selling.

If the wave continues, you might want to wait even longer before selling.

You can use this technique to profit from trends in the stock market.

Crypto Robot traders

1. Robot Traders

Robot traders are a type of bot that trades cryptocurrency automatically. These bots trade cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis looks at past price movements, market sentiment, volume, and many other factors to predict future prices. Fundamental analysis looks at things like earnings reports, news releases, and any other information about the company behind the coin.

2. Crypto Bots

Crypto bots are automated software programs that use technical analysis to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There are two types of crypto bots: long term and short term. Long-term bots analyze charts over several months and then make predictions on what direction the price will go. Short-term bots look at charts over several hours and then make predictions on whether the price will rise or fall.

3. Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

A trading bot is a program designed to execute trades automatically. Most trading bots work by scanning the markets for opportunities to profit off of. Once they find a profitable opportunity, they take action and place a trade. If their prediction comes true, they will collect profits from the trade. If not, they will lose money.

4. Automated Trading Software

Automated trading software uses algorithms to scan the markets for opportunities to make a profit. Once it finds a profitable opportunity, it takes action and places a trade. If its prediction comes true, it collects profits from the trade. But if not, it loses money.

5. Crypto Exchange Bot

A crypto exchange bot is a program that helps people trade cryptocurrencies. It scans the markets for opportunities to earn profits and makes predictions on whether the price of a particular cryptocurrency will rise or fall. When it predicts that the price of a certain cryptocurrency will rise, it buys more of the currency and sells less. When it predicts that a cryptocurrency's price will fall, it does the opposite.

6. Crypto Currency Bot

A crypto currency bot is a program that automates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It scans the market for opportunities to make a quick profit and then makes predictions on whether the value of a particular cryptocurrency will increase or decrease. When it predicts that it will increase, it buys more of that currency and sells less. And when it predicts that it will decrease, it does the opposite and buys less and sells more.

7. Crypto Mining Bot

A crypto mining bot is a program that mines cryptocurrencies. It scans the internet for opportunities to mine cryptocurrencies and then makes predictions on how much each individual block will pay. When it predicts that there will be a high reward, it invests in computers that do the same thing. When it predicts that rewards will be low, it stops investing in those computers.

Robot Trading Software for Naked & Strategic Weekly and Monthly Options

Q: Is this software suitable for trading options in the Indian market?
Ans: Yes. Our software is designed to execute Nifty and Banknifty weekly and Monthly Option contracts.

Q: Does it support option writing?
Yes. based on the trigger it will fire orders option short-selling orders to the broker terminal.

Q: Can option Robot be used in Multi-leg strategies?
Yes. But not all strategies. some strategies require additional coding and configuration. Please contact our                    Customer support for more details.

Q: Does the Strike price have to be modified every day?
Not at all. Unlike other software, this Robot is automatically select and execute the appropriate strike price every          time a new trigger receive. 

Q: Which broker platform support this software?
NEST with any broker and also will support ZERODHA KITE, ALICEBLUE ANT, FINVASIA, ZEBU, FYRES, ANGEL,            UPSTOX.

Q: Do you provide any Ready-to-use strategy?
Our intraday trading strategy has 4 to 7 legs with Fixed Stop Loss and Target. As the market conditions change,             the Robot adjusts and modifies the strategy accordingly.

Q: Can I back-test this system?
Yes. But remember, Back-testing is a valuable tool for traders to gain insight into potential tradable ideas, but it is         often misleading, and it is not advisable  for traders to rely only on back-testing results to conclude                                  whether the system will be profitable in a live market.
We strongly recommend using the forward testing feature to confirm the efficiency of strategies. 

Q: Do you provide Free Trial?
Auto-Robot Trading is an advanced level of trading method. For starting robot trade in your system, apart from broker          terminal, we have to install and configure execution Plugin, Strategy plugin, Data feed plugin etc... And also you                have to take quality training for Auto-trade operation. It is a time-consuming process.  So we are not                              entertaining Free Trial, You can subscribe to our paid trial package.

Q: For how long do you provide this service?
Since 2009, we are providing various tools to Indian traders, like data, charting and trading systems. In 2011, we            tested our first robotic trading system and it was officially launched in 2013. We published the first setup video on        YouTube in 2014.

What is the difference between Auto Trade Desktop version and cloud version?                                                               If You install this software on the desktop version, The computer should running mode and you have to make                 sure  your internet  connection is flawless.
In the cloud version, You no need concerned about power or internet speed.

What is the minimum investment for options Trading?

It is approximately Rs.7000 to 10000 per lot for naked options and Rs.100000 for multileg strategies.

What is the accuracy we can expect in options trading?
Risk reward ratios of naked long options strategies are 3:1 and accuracy is 50-60%. A multi-leg strategy has a 1:1           risk-reward ratio and You can expect an accuracy of 60 to 80%.    

Scrips: Banknifty Options

Execution: Fully automatic

Capital : Rs.90000

characteristic: 4 Leg, Hedged, Non- Directional 

Suitable for: Working-class


  • Moving Averages all variant (Simple, Exponential, Weighted, Wilder, Displaced etc...)
  • Moving Average crossover All combination. Eg: 20/10, 34/15 etc..)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Keltner Bands
  • Percent bands
  • Commodity Channel Index( CCI )
  • Moving Average Convergence and Divergence ( MACD)
  • Relative Strength Index ( RSI )
  • Parabolic Stop and reverse ( SAR )


  • NSE Equity
  • Index Futures
  • Stock Futures
  • Currency Futures
  • Index options
  • Stock Options
  • Currency options
  • BANKNIFTY Weekly Options
  • MCX Futures