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Why Robot Trading Is important?

The Advantages of Robot Trading in the Stock Market

Robot trading is a controversial topic. Some people believe that robots are capable of making better investment decisions than humans, while others believe that they are simply too risky. In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of robot trading in order to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you.

As the world of trading becomes increasingly automated, many traders are turning to robots to help them make money in the markets. Robot trading is a form of algorithmic trading that uses software to make trades on your behalf. This can be helpful if you don't have the time or the expertise to trade yourself.


But be warned - not all robot trading systems are created equal. Some are scams that will only lose you money, so it's important to do your research before you commit to any one system.

In conclusion, I believe that robot trading is a great way to make money. It is a fast and easy way to trade, and it has a lot of potential. I encourage you to like and share this article so that more people can learn about this great opportunity.


Is Algo trading the same as Auto trading?
The term “algo trading” is often used interchangeably with “auto-trading”, but there are some important differences between the two. Algorithmic trading (algo trading) is the use of computer programs to enter and exit trades automatically, based on pre-set criteria. Automated trading (auto trading) is a broader term that can include the use of algorithms, but also refers to any system that automatically executes trades without human intervention. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between algo trading and auto trading, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages
Algo trading and auto trading are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. Algo trading is a type of trading that uses computer algorithms to make trading decisions. This means that trades are executed automatically based on predetermined rules. Auto trading, on the other hand, simply refers to the act of using a computer to trade. This can be done manually or through the use of an automated system.

So, what’s the difference between the two? Here are some key points to consider:

Algo trading is more complex than auto trading
Algo trading uses computer algorithms to make trading decisions, while auto trading simply uses a computer to trade. This means that algo trading is more complex than auto trading, as it involves more rules and regulations.

Algo trading is more accurate

Algo trading and auto trading are two different things. Algo trading is where trades are based on pre-determined rules set by the trader. Auto trading is where trades are executed automatically based on predetermined conditions.

The Advantages of Robot Trading in the Indian Stock and F&O Market

Robot trading is a controversial topic. Some people believe that robots are capable of making better investment decisions than humans, while others believe that they are simply too risky. In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of robot trading in order to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you.

As the world of trading becomes increasingly automated, many traders are turning to robots to help them make money in the markets. Robot trading is a form of algorithmic trading that uses software to make trades on your behalf. This can be helpful if you don't have the time or the expertise to trade yourself.


But be warned - not all robot trading systems are created equal. Some are scams that will only lose you money, so it's important to do your research before you commit to any one system.

In conclusion, I believe that robot trading is a great way to make money. It is a fast and easy way to trade, and it has a lot of potential. I encourage you to like and share this article so that more people can learn about this great opportunity.

The perfect way to control emotion. 

The primary target of a day trader is capital protection. Continuous losses create panic and start making mistakes.This worry triggers you to excess-leverage and ruins your trading capital with a single trade. You may experience the same situation several times in your trading career. And always you wish to get an ideal solution for this issue. Automated trading software is an ideal solution for this.

It will maintain, the profitable risk-reward ratio.

Risk reward ratio is the most important parameter to manage and maintain the profit in the trade. In the long term, prospective low-risk reward ratio may ruin your trading capital. A high risk-reward ratio like 1:3 will help to maintain the profit even less than 50% winning rate. Automated trading robots will help in managing the risk-reward ratio.

Automatically analyse the market.

With the help of technical analysis software and strategy, Robotic Trading software can Analysis the market trend and execute the trade without human intervention. Amibroker and meta trader are the popular software for technical analysis.

Automatically Places Buy Sell orders.

Timely entry and exit are also very important for a successful trade. Manual trade execution can make lots of error. But robot trading software will help to eliminate it.

Automatically Manages Stop Loss and Target.

Experts are saying trading without a stop loss will empty your pockets within no time. So stop loss and targets are major winning factors and every trader should use these factors properly. The automated trading strategy is an ideal option to manage to stop loss and target.

Robot Trader for Indian Market

Most of the traders are facing consistent loss in the stock market due to emotional trading, lack of discipline etc... Robot Trader will help to eliminate all these issues with this automatic order firing system. It will analyse the market in real time , Identify buy sell opportunities, execute the trade automatically without any noticeable delay.

Continues bug fixing.

We have introduced the Robotics trade for Indian market in 2012 with minimum features, based on client requirement.  We have added many more advanced features like bracket orders, Limit order, level trading, double the quantity and increment qty on reverse trade etc... these features help many of our clients to make consistent profit from auto trading software. And also we have a dedicated developer team to fix the software bugs.

Easy to use.

Unlike other auto trading software, our plugin does not require any programming skills to setup the Robotrade.  Anybody can operate our software without any complications with a few inputs.

Chart integration 

Our software will easily connect with the popular charting platform like Amibroker and MT4 with simple process, without the  help of an expensive programmer. Adding a single line, just below the Buy,Sell Condition of your trading system.

Fast execution

our plugin is designed for ultra fast order execution with help of an advance computer coding technology. It ensures, all trade will execute with  proper bid or ask price.

Cost effective

Our Auto Trading software is filled with lots of unique features with ultra low price. most of the highly advanced features are not available in our competitors. In fact they are still in research stage.

Highly Advanced Robot trading Software in India.

Creating a technical system with conventional method and Advanced method shows a lot of difference in end result. Advanced system will provide an extra edge for user experience. 

Break free robo trading system in India.

Most of our competitors are facing a common issue  that is, between the trading session its stop multiple time. It make lots of fuzz to the trader. Our Robotics trading program has been tested in different environments and passed its high level of accuracy .

Unique features.

Limit order.

Have you ever seen this feature in any other automatic trading systems? All software will fire only Market orders. Our developers successfully found  solutions to fire limit orders for all segments with advanced coding technique. 

Multiple type of Trailing software.

Based on the strategy, You can set variety of trailing stop loss in our software like simple trailing stop loss, Trailing stop loss after target 1 hit, after hitting the target 1, trailing stop loss will move to entry price, reverse on stop loss and repeat buy sell on stop loss etc...

Money Management 

User can activate variety of money management techniques for a single scrip or campaigned scrip. If a trader added 10 scrip for Auto trading and fix Rs.20000.00 for campaigned Target and Rs.6000 Loss. Whenever the total profit or loss meet the above figure, automatically squires off all scrips. It is very useful to maintain a favorable risk reward ratio.

Signal from X scrip and trade to Y scrip.

 One of the interesting unique feature from Real Robo Trader. When a trader finds a buy opportunity in future chart, But he wants to trade Option contract instead   of  future, So he can set signal source at Future chart and execution scrip at options. Ex: Signal appear in NIFTY Future, orders will execute in Nifty options.

 Adjust Target 1 to NPNL on reverse.

 Most interesting feature of our Auto Robot software is, Imagine a person trading with some levels has got a buy signal at x point. After executing buy signal, market starts   to reverse. When market reverses as usual it sells the buy position and creates a fresh shot. Now he made a loss for his long position and whatever the loss he   made in long position , robots  keeps in its memory and whenever short position achieves the profit will equal his previous lot, robotic will partially book the profit.   So his loss is nil.

 Risk Management

 Risk management is an ideal way to utilize your capital in an effective way. Imagine You have added 200 Scrips in Robot Trader. But you have no capital to trade   those 200 scrips.So you can set"Maximum active order" feature to limit the Scrip quantity based on your capital.

 And also Risk management  feature you can utilize to control maximum long order, short orders and also maximum order per scrip etc.

 Time management in Auto trade software.

 This feature will give flexibility to manage the trade start time, squire off time and also trader can switch between Intraday and positional trade. 

 Trade notification

 Robotrade notification is useful for getting SMS, email to your mobile or inbox on the move.

 Active order

 This section will give you the complete details about each and every activity of your software like executed trade, completed trade, Open position, Active order   profit, completed trade profit, cumulative profit and also session turnover etc... . And also this section will help you to manage on going trade like reset the target   and stop loss in Robo Trader.

 Current Session booked orders.

 This will give a detailed statement of all completed trades like entry time, entry price,quantity, exit time,exit price Profit and loss etc.... . this feature is very much   useful for paper trading  to evaluate the robo trader and also robo trade strategies evaluation.

 Completed orders.

 This section will give a completed trades statement not only from a particular date ,but also get detailed report of scrip wise and instrument wise summary.

Level trading in Autotrader software.

 Many tradesperson like to use variety of levels in their day to day trading like, Pivot level,W.D Gann level, ORB (opening Range Breakout) levels etc. Our Auto Trade   software developers have developed an interesting algorithm to help these category of traders. Buy Sell,Short,Cover levels can be set in advance even before  the   market opens.

 Multi client Robo trader software or Dealer Robots Software.

 This is an updated version of Robot trader single client software. In this software dealer/broker can map all his clients under one robot software. And also he can   customize each client to different scrip and different quantity. For example, Client A can set only crudeoil 2 lot. Client B can set Nifty 1 lot, bank nifty 1 lot, crude   mini 5 lot etc..

Findout the Answer to these questions, You can also make profit from Intraday Trading.

Are you a consistent loser in Stock markets?

What are the reason for your loss?

Did you ever analyse the reason for loss?

Are you a trend  or Level  or pattern finder or Scalper or Price action trader?

Do you know the difference between these major trading method?

What is your Risk Reward Ratio?

Do yo have a trading plan to protect your precious capital even a worst market condition?

Please contact 9142227173 to know how robots trader will help you to solve the major trading issues. 


The perfect way to control emotio and maintaining Profitable risk reward ratio.
Automatically analyses the market......
Automatically Places Buy Sell orders...........
Automatically Manages Stop Loss and Target....

Real robot trader is a self analyzing and self trade executing software for Indian market. It will automatically analyse the market and place Buy,Sell, stop loss, target orders in your broker terminal like nest, now or odin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is Robotic Trading?

Auto-Robot Trading is a program which will replace manual trade-execition to automatic executions. The software will itself carry out buy sell short cover functions and it will also maintain your stop loss , target and quantity.

How does Robo Trader function?

A technical Analysis platform  like amibroker or MT4 generates signals for buy sell conditions based on set of rules. automatic Trader picks up signals from these technical software and sends them to your broker terminal and executes orders.

What are the pre requisites to start Robotics Trading?

You need a computer with windows xp and above operating system or vps (cloud), a broker account in NOW, NEST or ODIN terminals.

Do we need any permission from the broker to use Auto-Roborts?

We assist you to get permission.

What is Robotic-ally  managing system?

Robotic Trading is a Computer software which will replace manual trade to automation. The software will itself carry out buy sell short cover functions and it will also maintain your stop loss , target and quantity.

What is the difference between Robo  plugin and Robot Trader trading system?

Robo trading system is a software which provides buy sell signals based on our own technical rules. Robo trader plugin is an executer which will help u to manage trading terminal,scrip, quantity, expiry etc... Robo plugin cannot work without a trading system except level trading.

Can we connect our own trading system with Robo trader? 

Robo Trading System is a software which generates buy sell signals on a live chart.Currently Robo Trader is compatible with amibroker and MT4 trading system. If your trading system is written by amibroker or MT4 then you can connect otherwise you have to discuss with our developer team to develop your own trading system. You may have to pay for this service.

Can I use my current Trading account? 

Yes, but your trading terminal should be with NOW, NEST or ODIN.

Which broker terminal is compatible with Robo Trader? 

NOW, NEST, ODIN Diet and Odin client for dealer (Multi Client) Robo. 

What is the minimum amount required to start Auto Trading? 

The minimum amount depends on your broker. Some of them provide better leverage while some do not.So please consult your broker for minimum margin requirement. 

Can I trade multiple scrips together? 


Can I connect multiple scrip chart with Algo Trading? 


Can Robots maintain my Stop Loss and Target? 


Can Auto trading robot squire of all my position in pre-seted time?


Is Automated trading suitable for Level trading?

Yes. Level trading like Pivot, Gann etc.. 

Is Algorithmic trading suitable for multi scrip trading? Eg: Signals in Nifty Future but trade should execute Nifty options.


Can I set my Stop Loss and Target in both Percentage wise and Point wise? 


Can I manage my quantity as per my margin limit? 


Is it possible to trade only in one side? Eg: Only Long trade or Only Short trade? 

Yes. It is most suitable for Naked option traders. 

What is Cloud or VPS? 

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. 

Will You provide AFL writing service to execute our own trading rules? 


What is the success ratio? 

It depends on time frame, scripts etc.but in 5 mins interval almost all liquid scrips will get approximately 60%-80% accuracy. 

Do I have to start, the software everyday in the morning while operating the system in the VPS? 


Do I have to keep computer and internet open while Robotic Trade is working? 

Yes, if you do not have vps. But if you have vps, keeping the computer on all the time is not necessary.

 Do I have to set my targets and stop loss for every script and what happens if it is not set? 

If you want you can, but it is not compulsory, if stop loss and target are not set the software takes up default values, and trades totally on the signals generated on the chart 

Can I command the RoboTrader to squire off at a particular time? 


Can we get trade confirmation on my mobile?


What is the procedure to get this software? 

You make the payment and inform us and after the payment is confirmed our technical team will contact you and install the software in your computer. 

What is dealer robo or multi client robo? 

Dealer robo is specially designed for brokers and sub brokers. A broker can add all his clients in dealer robo and robo will execute the trade for all their clients based on their trading requirement. 

How many client I can add in delaer/Multi client Robo? 

Unlimited number of clients. 

Can I set different quantity for different client? Eg: Client a nifty 5 lot, Client B nifty 1 lot, client C nifty 7 lot etc...? 


Can I set different Scripts for different clients? Eg: client a , Nifty 2 lot, Crudeoil 2 lot, Copper 1lot, Silver 2 lot, Client B, Nifty 1,Crudeoil 1,Gold 2 etc... 


Can I monitor my VPS fro android phone? 


What is the advantage of Cloud (VPS)? 

If your Auto-Robot Trader software is installed in the VPS or cloud you will have the advantage of getting access to your VPS or cloud from any computer or android mobile so that you can monitor your trade and alter it on the go, moreover if software is in the VPS there is no need of keeping your computer and internet on all the time. A user login is provided for the VPS so that you can login in it from any where and anytime.

The Big 3 reason behind 95% traders are loosing their capital.

Market Sentiments.

The major reason to loose the trade is a sudden change in the market sentiments. after our trade execution, if market move against our wish we loose our trade. reasons are many. Volume, Volatility, Bad government policy,poor regulation or even poor strategy.

Human Emotions.

It is the largest enemy of the trader. human greed, fear,ego,revenge,addictions,laziness etc..will affect traders decision making power and many times it badly effect our trading performance.By nature human is greedy, because the life of human is very short. he want to make money very fast. greed will make us lose, because market is full of surprises. Human fear also attached with nature. every human has fear in various level. only a fool don't fear anything.When a trader execute a large quantity of trade for making some fast money, his heart start to pump fast, when market moves against him he gets confused gets worried not knowing when to close fast with profit as a scared rabbit does.     Human revenge is an another form of emotions. when you loose a trade, suddenly you take a position to opposite direction with double or triple quantity. some time you win, but most of the time its end up with huge loss. Human Ego: Many experienced traders after loosing their capital start writing books,teaching new traders, forecasting television channels, News papers, blog as simply hide their failure. Think why a professional trader needs to sell books for few Rupees where he can make so much in one trade . Its here a trader become weak drowning under his own ego.

Human Addictions.

Do you watch chart more than 4-5 consecutive hours without any break? Do you trade vengeance and an extreme aggressive way when you loose?Do you try to against the trend in the extreme market hours?Do you challenging the market?Do you always increasing your stop loss and are never willing to accept you were wrong in your trade?Do you keep losing trades open for days, weeks, months and even you add more money to your account to lose more on the hope that, the market will switch directions and go your way, never accepting you were wrong in your trade?Do you keep on trading in a bad day even if you have lost 2 or 3 trades consecutively in one market session?If the most of the answers are yes, You have trade addiction. You must solve your addictions immediately , before you loose all your money.

High Brokerage:Few years back most of the traders were using brooking house for their trading activities. So the broker's running cost was very high to setup the branches, franchisee, staffs and other infrastructure. So they charge very high brokerage from client to maintain the running cost.But now most of traders trading from home through the online terminal and broker's running cost decreased tremendously . Many discount broking companies entered the market, offering lowest brokerage and also offering unlimited trade against a nominal monthly subscription.If you are still holding your trading account with a traditional broker ,this is the time to switch your account to a discount broker and you can save lump some amount every month.
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Good News!!!

MT4 Robo plugin is launched. call 9142227173 for details.

"The secret behind a successful trading is a good risk reward ratio. If you ignore this, surely, you will loose. It won't care, which great chart or trading strategy you are using. Most of the chart providers and tips providers are ignoring RRR. Result... know it."

"Emotion is the Biggest Enemy of Trading. Use Auto Trading software...and see the difference."

What is Robotic Trading System?

Robotic trading system also referred as algo trading, automatic trading, algorithmic trading or automatic trade executor, allow traders to enter and exit to the trade without human intervention based on simple or complex conditions. Most of the Robotic Trading systems required a charting software with real time data, Trade executor plugin and brokers trading terminal. All you need to do is activate a strategy in your charting software and run robotic trade plugin. it will run until you deactivate it. You can monitor your performance any time and make real time changes as needed.

The first thing in Robotic trading is to create a trading strategy. The strategy can be moving average crossover,pivot level break, opening range breakout(ORB) or oscillator related strategies.  eg: if your strategy is 20-5 moving average crossover. whenever 5 period moving average cross 20 period moving average in upward direction, a buy condition will occur and robotic trading software will place a buy order to your trading terminal. Based on your exit strategy, it will book profit or exit when stop loss hits. For example if your buy price is 7700 , target is 7750 and stop loss is 7680. after executing the buy signal robo trader will monitor the chart for 7750 or 7680 to exit from the long position.  For making complex trading strategy, you should have good  knowledge of technical analysis and programming skills or you can subscribe from an expert.

"95% Traders are loosing their capital due emotional Trading. Use Robo Trader to avoid it."



The Ultimate auto trading software.


  • Real and paper trading  mode 
  • Trade with Unlimited  scrip
  • Control switch for long only, short only or long+short only
  • Part quantity profit booking mode.
  • Target 1 and Target 2 profit booking options.
  • Level based trading for pivot, Gann or Fibonacci traders.
  • Xsignal-YScrip Trading *First Time in India
  • Trailing stop loss
  • trailing stop loss on target 1  hit
  • Stop loss@entry (at Target 1)
  • reverse on stop loss
  • Set active daily profit/loss
  • Time management 
  • scrip wised risk management
  • Quantity management.
  • Reverse signal trading  *NEW
  • Trade notification by sound or email.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) facility on demand.
  • Multi-User robo on demand (for brokers & sub-brokers)
  • *Suitable for any Amibroker AFL 
  • Excel based strategy executer
  • MultyScript basket trading *New
  • Option strategy automation *First time in India
  • Lowest monthly subscription.
  • Compare our robo with others and then decide...

a simple robotic trading AFL

//it is very simple robotic trding strategy

//for Creating Complex strategis please Contact or call to 9142227173



_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));

Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() ); 









PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorBlue, 0,L, Offset=-45); 

PlotShapes(IIf(Short, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorRed, 0,H, Offset=-45);

PlotShapes(IIf(Cover, shapeSmallCircle, shapeNone),colorBlue, 0,L,Offset=-35); 

PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeSmallCircle, shapeNone),colorRed, 0,H,Offset=35);


copy and paste the above code to amibroker along with robotic pluggin and test it.

What is the advantage of robotic trading?

It's reducing your emotions. Emotions have a major roll in our trading success, especially in day trading. It is a perfect alternative to control the emotions.

It's preventing from over trade. Most of the traders have this issue. when market is highly volatile, traders will tempt to over trade and it may end with huge loss.

Maintaining discipline. It is an another enemy of the trader. late entry, changing the stop loss,waiting for more profit etc...  

Improves trading speed. After appearing the buy signal, normally within 3 seconds order will be placed to your terminal. But Manually it may take 10 to 30 seconds.

Suitable for any liquid  market. Yes, it is suitable for equity trading, Futures & Options trading, Commodity trading and currency trading. Basket trading. Basket trading is a high probability trading strategy. Especially in intraday. But it is very difficult to execute  manually. Robo trading is a perfect choice for basket traders. Consistent Result. It is an another advantage, which is very difficult to achieve in  manual trading.

What is algorithmic trading or Algo trading?

This is a new model trading system that utilizes highly advanced mathematical formula to generate the trading decisions in equity and derivative markets. 

 Usually algo trading or robotic trading used by institutional traders due to the heavy volume trading . but now even small traders can also use robotic trading software to avoid emotional trading. robotic trading will help traders to follow the trading rules and discipline.

What is Robotic Trading software or Automated Trading Software?

It is a computer program, which will automatically execute the trade to your broker terminal based on the pre-setted trading strategy. 

A fully automated Trading System without human intervention. Trades on all signal and track multiple scrips at the same time. Automatic exit on Target and stop Loss. The ideal way to avoid emotional trading.

Call-09142227173, 09142227174 for Free Demo. 

Yahoo messenger id : realsenseindia

REAL ROBO TRADER is an interface between Amibroker and NOW/NEST/ODIN/ANGEL DIET Trading platform.

How its work?

whenever a Buy, Sell or Short, Cover signals triggers in charting platform, the signal will send to the Now/Nest terminal instantly. As per the SEBI guidelines the user will have to monitor and approve the order before sending to the exchange.

Step 1.Charting Platform (Amibroker with strategy) 

              (a buy order triggered in the strategy)       


            (order received)

Step 3. Now/Nest/ODIN/ANGEL DIET Terminal

                 (order placed)

*Simple to use interface with drag-n-drop operations. 

*Zero Programming Knowledge is required to use this Trading Plugin.

*Can be applied to already-live trading system without writing / editing any code.


The Basic Robo trade software settings.

Select the Scrip Parameters.

Select the terminal or Paper trading mode.

Click Start Auto Trading. 

Real time Premium quality data provider for stock,index  futures and options.

Highly accurate and reliable data feed is an essential part of Intraday trading.  Because a day trader should act perfectly, based on his technical analysis decisions. The technical traders are more particular about their data provider and choose only after a detailed analysis of their quality.  If realtime data  not maintain the quality factor, it will effect the trading decisions and may loose lots of money in the trading.

Accuracy of real time data is most important.

Data accuracy is something that the trade value in exchange and your chart should be similar in real time. for example If ICICI bank's first trade has executed Rs.1000 at 9:15:01 am in national stock exchange(NSE), if your NSE realtime stock chart  also shows the same value at 9:15:01 am, it is called data accuracy. And in first 5 minutes totally 1000 trades were executed in exchange and your chart received only 95 trades, then the data is not accurate. it will seriously effect your moving averages, indicators, bands and trading systems.

Speed of the Real time data

Most of the vendors offer 0 second delayed chart but they hide the frequency of data updation.  You must confirm the frequency of data updation before subscribing. because the market always turns its trend suddenly. If we are not getting a genuine zero second delayed data, it is very difficult to manage this kind of situations.

Back data period

If you find a trading strategy, and you want to know how this strategy was performed in the past, you need back data of the script. If you have one month back data, you can only analyse one month performance. if you have at least 6 months back data you can get a clear view of the strategy.

Multiple system access with single login information.

Many real time providers allow to login in single system. some of them charging an extra amount to provide an additional system login. If you have one laptop and two desktops one  in  the office and another one is at home, you will have to pay extra amount for two systems.  So better you select a provider allowing a single login ID with multiple systems.

Real time data information

Many data providers offering only OHLC data and it is very difficult to analyse a trend only with OHLC information. A perfect analysis considers volume, open, high, low, close, change, %change, bid, ask etc.. to maximise the result. how can it be possible to get a perfect trading decisions , if your NSE real time data provider is not updating these information to your chart?

Customer Support

Most of the customers are complaining about this issue. Most of the providers are failing to give a proper customer support.  Serious business people always have a dedicated support team. the real sucess of any business is happening through a customer satisfaction.

What is scalp Trading?

  Scalping or Jobbing is a day trading method specially booking profit on short movement of particular scrip. As soon as a position make profit, scalpers will close the trade immediately.  An exit strategy is a very important part of   this trading. Because the average stop loss is bigger than the average profit, the scalping ends up with a loss. 

  What could be the Risk reward ratio of scalping?

    The risk reward ratio is the most important part in the scalping trade. Small risk and high reward ratio is always a good practice. If a Scalp trader practicing with 1:1 RR, it may be a tough to           book consistent profit. The same way 1:3 or 1:4 also not advisable for scalping because, usually scalpers placing orders in short movement. Imagine a trader fix his risk as Rs.1000 and target as 1000. if he attempts 10 t   trades and out of 10 trades he won 7 and loose 3. Now he got Rs.2000 as profit. But if he choose 1:2 risk reward ratio in the same situation, his profit will be Rs. 8000. in short 1:2 is the best practice for scalping.

What is the Best Time frame for Scalp Trading?

Time frame is not much important in scalping, even though higher time frame like 15 minute or more is not advisable. between 2-7 minute is a better time frame for high liquids and high volume scrips.

How Cloud Robot works?

Step 1.  Subscribing Cloud Computer ( Cost  depends on Ram, Processor, storage etc... eg: 1 gb ram cloud is much cheaper than 6gb Ram cloud.

Step 2. Install Robot software and broker terminal. 
After subscription,You will get an IP address., Login and password. apply these information through your windows software to connect the Cloud. Then you can install all necessary softwares and broker terminal in VPS.

Step 3. Monitor from Your computer or Android smart phone.

Whenever you want to monitor the robot trade, You can connect cloud desk top from your computer or any android based software. Use remote desktop application from windows or RD Client Apps from Android.

Robo Trader Strategy

Strategies are brainy part of Robo trader software. They  give the most important information to auto trading software like Buy, Sell,Short, Cover command. robo software will receive these information and execute trade in broker terminal.

Crossover Strategy for Auto trade.

This strategy is widely used all over the world, It is very simple but powerful strategy when market is in trending phase. Two different period moving averages crossover will be used for long and short trade. When fast moving average crosses the slow moving average towards upward direction, a long entry will occur and short vise versa. Stop loss and target will be set in the robo as per the trader's risk reward ratio.

Super Trend strategy for Robo trade.

This is a most popular strategy in intraday and positional Trade. It is an ATR (average true range) based indicator). Super trend has two basic bands . Upper band and lower band. Upper band calculates, High+Low)/2+multiplier*ATR  and lower band calculates (high+low)/2+Multiplier*Atr).  Based on these values, it will create a final band and and when the price cross and close above or below  this band, long or short indication will generate.

ORB Indicator.

Opening Range breakout(ORB) is a favorite trading STRATEGY FOR Intra day Traders. various types of ORB strategies available. Five minute high low breakout is very common strategy. First mark the High and low of a 5 minute Candle stick. If high breaks, long trade will execute and breaking of low indicates a short signal.

"The secret behind a successful trading is a good risk reward ratio. If you ignore this, surely, you will loose. It won't care, which great chart or trading strategy you are using. Most of the chart providers and tips providers are ignoring RRR. Result... know it."

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Learn, how to make profit from a BAD INDICATOR?

 Plenty of trading systems and trading tips providers are in internet, and they are all offering handsome profit through their service. we don't know whether its true or not. But the universal truth is that, none of the trading systems or trading tips are perfect. So, learn the art of making profit from any indicator...even, if it's a bad indicator. Now... stop searching holly grail, there is no such holly grail in the world.

 Is it difficult to learn?

 Yes...little bit, until you learn the tricks of identifying the market conditions. Once you learn it...its so easy. Driving a car is very difficult for beginners. After learning, it is not difficult and regular practice makes a perfect driver. Remember, "No Pain No Gain".We all know, there are three types of trend. Up trend, down trend and range bound. But if you look closer at your chart, you can find some other conditions too. An up trend with low volatility, an up trend with high volatility, a down trend with low volatility, a down trend with high volatility, a range bound market with high and low volatility. Now it possible to trade with a single indicator in all these conditions? certainly No...a BIG No. if you is not is a clear gambling. 

Please follow these rules, you can also enjoy the trading which is night mare for most traders.1) Identify the market condition.2) Use proper Indicator for entry.3) Activate plan A .4) If plan A fails..activate plan B to protect the capital.Most of the children play cricket, but only few get entry in National team. We all sing. but how many of us will be famous? We are all trading..only 5-10% will succeed. So LEARN TRADING before you trade or STOP TRADE for saving remaining capital.CALL - 9142227173 for more details. 

Avoid Trading loss

2. Choose the right time

The best time to trade is when the market is calm. When the market is volatile, it's hard to predict the direction of the price movement. Therefore, it's difficult to decide whether to buy or sell. But if you wait until the market is stable, you'll get a good opportunity to buy low and sell high.

3. Find out the best place to trade

There are many places where you can trade. However, not all of them offer the same services. So, you need a reliable platform to trade. A reliable platform means that they provide the best service at the lowest cost. In addition, they should have a wide range of assets to choose from.

Select Your Amibroker chart which you want to connect Robort.

Right Click on the chart.

Select Parameters.

Switch Amitrading live: Yes 

Show buttons: Yes

Trade on : Signal Bar (if your Buy Sell signal is consistant or select Next Bar.