Realsense SEO &SMO is providing advanced quality of training in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). Our Courses covering, Basic of SEO, Purpose of SEO, Keyword research, meta tag, backlinks, promoting websites etc...  .

What is the benefit of SEO?

(a) Easy for finding websites

(b) Website traffic will increase

(c) Global reach 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is SEO?

If you enter a query in a search engine, You get a list of webpages. visitors normally click in the top of the list. because they know, the top listed pages are  more relevant to their query. these webpages are optimized for search engine with the help of a professional SEO technician.

  Search engine optimization technique will help search engines to find a relevant and quality site   from millions of other websites. So a better optimized website will get more traffic and more business without spending  huge advertisement cost.

So SEO is an art of boosting search engines rankings.

SEO will improve quality and volume of website traffic.

SEO will help to get more business.

SEO will help to get more targeted clients.

Why to choose SEO as Career? 


Day by day the number of websites are increasing but a website without traffic is useless. natural traffic will get only through SEO and SMO. all other form of advertisements is highly expensive. So SEO technicians are an important  part of this process.

  This course is not only suitable for beginners but also useful for professionals to sharpen their skills.

Income from Job, Freelance or own website/blog.

SEO employees are equal to or even higher than that a web developers or designers. So naturally they can expect Good salaried job from any reputed SEO firms. 

And also you can start you own SEO firm  or You can optimize your own website or blog to generate more traffic and business.

Course Details:

Regular batch: 2hrs per day (Monday to Friday)

Saturday batch: 8hrs X 5 saturdays.

Sunday batch: 8hrs X 5 sundays.

Online batch (Skype): Daily 6 pm to 10pm (10 days)

Fees: Rs.10000.

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