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Level -1 ( Learning Mode)

Level-1  is suitable for those who want to learn and evaluate Robo trading software and strategies in Indian market . No capital risk is involved in this level, because Terminal mode is disabled  by default.  It  also helps you to understand the function of Amibroker Trading System , Real time data and various features of Robo trading software. 

The main advantage of this level is,  You can evaluate various strategies in Live Market before attempting the real time trade. And it will also help you to understand the challenges and their solutions involved in Automatic  Trading.

Details about robo trading level - 1 training and evaluation plan

Level-2 ( Single Scrip Plan)

After the completion of your basic plan, You may try to trade with real time environment . So that you can choose any one of the scripts with minimum quantity to get used to it.

Robot Trading subscription, Level-2

Level-1 is mandatory for beginners.
Ideal for trading Single scrip.
After making the payment, It is mandatory to fill and submit the order form.
The Subscriber has to Pay Rs.350 extra for installing in extra PC or Re-installing for the same PC.
In the desktop version, some antivirus software may delete the files from robot trader or data software.
Please exclude Robot Trader, Realsenseindia & Rt-quote folder from scanning or You can subscribe Cloud version.

Level-3 ( Unlimited Scrips)

 You have successfully completed 2 levels and You are a master now. You may try more scrips, more quantity and also different segments.

Robot Trading subscription, Level-3

Level-1 is mandatory for beginners.
Ideal for trading unlimited scrips.
After making the payment, It is mandatory to fill and submit the order form.
The Subscriber has to Pay Rs.350 extra for installing in extra PC or Re-installing for the same PC.
In the desktop version, some antivirus software may delete the files from robot trader or data software.
Please exclude Robot Trader, Realsenseindia & Rt-quote folder from scanning or You can subscribe Cloud version.

Scalp trading

What is Scalp trading?

scalp-Trading is a trading method that is occupied to make a profit from small price changes. Scalpers traders execute their trades frequently and in small sequences. Scalper needs to have a strict entry and exit policy because one large mistake could wipe out all the small profits he has made in the other trades. Scalp trading, therefore, needs practice, self-control, determination, and energy. With these elements and the right trading tools, you can also become a successful scalp trader.

Unlike other traders, Scalp traders always enjoy trading. Because of tiny stop loss and better target. But Don't forget. learning and practice the most important part of scalping.

Scalp trading for Daily income generation

Individual Subscription Plan.

Apart from Level 1,2 and 3,  You may have the  option to choose any one of the items.  Example, You have already subscribed data from another vendor and you want to subscribe only Robo or Robo Strategy from us, You can subscribe only  robo plugin.

  Individual Auto Trade plugin subscribers should run your own AFL in the virtual trading mode for at least 2 days to test the compatibility.    If your AFL having future quotes, Avoid Auto-trading.          Live Support will get only for subscribed service.  Please avoid asking support for Non-subscribed services.

details about Robo trading individual subscription plan
Payment Details.

Payment through Bharat pay , Google Pay,Paytm, Phone Pay, Amazone pay , whatsApp, UPI Payment, ICICI Bank, RTGS, NEFT are No service charge.

Payment Through Credit, Debit Cards should add 2.5% extra.

Please scan QR code for wallet Payment. Don't send any payment through Mobile phone Number to avoid receipt issue..

Robo Subscription Payment through Google pay, Paytm, Bharatpe,Amazone pay,Phone pe


 Y NO                                 

 *After making the payment, the client should have to  fill the order form.            

*Training& Evaluation Plan is ideal for beginners to learn about automatic trading  and also useful to evaluate the performance of Robot Charts without  capital risk. We strongly suggest new traders to subscribe evaluation plan at least one month before subscribing  the regular mode.

*In evaluation mode, terminal trading feature will be disable. Detailed trade report will displayed in Robot plugin.

*Basic plan is ideal for single scrip traders. Any one scrip from any segment can be trade and also anytime trader can change the scrip without permission.

*Silver plan is Suitable to trade unlimited scrips at a time. Auto scan trade can be possible in this plan.

*If Your Robot Trader software is installed in the Virtual machine(VPS) or cloud You will have the advantage of getting access to your VPS or cloud from any computer or android mobile so that you can monitor your trade and alter it on the go, moreover if software is in the VPS there is no need of keeping your computer and internet on all the time. A user login is provided for the VPS so that you can login in it from any where and anytime.

*Gold is only for sub-brokers having Nest, Now & odin dealer version. 

Rs.500 should pay for Re-installation.

Warning:  Don't deposit Cash.  If Deposit Cash in  Bank, add Rs.150 Extra. Please Use RTGS, NEFT or Fund Transfer. If You have no Internet Banking Facility, Please visit your Bank with a cheque leaf and our bank details. They will transfer the fund through NEFT. 1.5% service charge applicable for PayUmoney payment. No service charge for NEFT,RTGS and Fund transfer Please fill the order form after making the payment.  IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTOTRADING WITH AMIBROKER CHARTS :- 

Note : Robo will work only with non-repainted and non -future quote amibroker Afls. Before connecting robot please code all conditions like BUY,SELL,SHORT,COVER correctly and clearly. Improper coding may lead to signal missing and wrong trade execution, And also we are not responsible for such issue. Some anti-virus software may block the software or deleted the files. Add all software related files in exclusion list or subscribe cloud(VPS). 

DOs: 1) Lock symbol in the chart to avoid accidental change of symbol in the chart. 2) It is highly recommended that if auto trading with multiple charts is to be done then please tile all the charts (Horizontal / vertical Tile) as Amibroker updates only visible charts. 3) Alternatively set RequestTimedRefresh with onlyvisible=false code on all the charts, but Amibroker performance might be affected and there is a chances of missing Signals. 4) System time is in sync with Data time MOST IMPORTANT: Instead of opening many charts, trade from amirbker Scanner and Filter is advised.

DONT's: 1) Scroll back to see previous Signals as Amibroker processes the visible bars only. Since current bar would not be in current view then the current signals would be missed and if you scroll forward again these signals would have become stale. 2) Never select any previous candle in live chart else current signals would be ignored. 3) Do not minimize AmiBroker in any case otherwise it will have impact on Signals routing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) Instead of opening many charts, trade from amirbker Scanner and Filter is advised. 2) Signals would be delayed for symbols where no candles are formed, due to illiquid scripts taken in AmiBroker and inconsistent AMI feed, for the time interval chosen.   please refer to the following content about AMI Broker inactive charts, when minimized or not visible:


Order Form

Read Terms and Conditions before submit.

Terms and conditions: (1) Cash Deposit Only in ICICI BANK (Add Rs.150 extra) (2) Please make sure you put the correct account name and account number when making a deposit. We won't able to retrieve funds, if they go to the suspense account or wrong account. (3) For cash deposits please provide us the transaction number (start with M) Branch, City and date of deposit. (4) Your account will activated only after crediting the fund. (5) Please email us complete payment details. We do not accept payment details over Phone. (7) Any dispute will be resolved under Ernakulam jurisdiction only. (8) Please contact for further clarifications. (9) Re-Installation Charge :Rs.350.00 . (10) Please install Amibroker5.4 or above, Winrar, Dotnet3.5 or above,Realtime Data Feed Server and ShowmyPC before installing the Profit Finder.

Disclaimer:We Realsense Trading Solutions are providing various technical tools to support the traders. We are neither offering nor assuring any kind of profit to our clients. All traders should follow the discipline and Money Management techniq along with the tools to maximise the result. All trades made will be at your own discretion and we are not responsible for any kind of lose made by you.

Refund Policy: 1. We are putting forth free/paid trial to any individual who is occupied with our our services. 2. We demand you to take a trial once before buying in to our item. 3. Refund/Cancellation will be engaged just in the accompanying cases 3.1) Our Software moves toward becoming non-useful because of our product update. 3.2) If Data Feed not working ceaselessly for over 48 hours. 4. Refund/Cancellation won't be engaged on the accompanying cases 4.1) If the administration is inaccessible because of constant Power Failure/Internet (ISP)/Server issues and issues that are beyond Realsense Trading Solutions control. 4.2) Telecom Service Provider's (ISP) Problems. 4.3) If item moves toward becoming non-utilitarian because of OS Update, .NET Framework issues, Conflicts emerging because of other product installations. 4.4) If item performs poorer because of Insufficient Hardware assets. 4.5) Client unfit to make utilization of the service because of any reasons. 4.6) Issues emerging because of FIREWALL,Anti-virus or PROXY settings. 5. Refund will be claimable only after Realsense Trading Solutions affirms through written that the issue is unsolvable.


(1) Do not leave the system unattended.

(2) Always check the actual placement of the order from trade book of Now/Nest Trader/odin.

(3) All the orders will be placed at Market rates.

(4) Do Paper trade (Level-1) for 1 month with the AFL and scrip, you want to trade before actual trading.

I accept terms and conditions.