We Realsense Trading Solutions is  proud to present PROFIT FINDER; a technical software(Buy Sell Indicator) for all the traders.

PROFIT FINDER is the result of the intensive research and analysis supported by extensive back-testing of trade data of THREE years. PROFIT FINDER can be applied for majority of the actively traded instruments such as NIFTY and BANK NIFTY futures and options, Stock futures, Stocks and Commodities such as Crude Oil, Copper, Gold and Silver.    

We can assure you that PROFIT FINDER will equip you to trade with more confidence and develop trading strategies to maximize your profits as a trader. PROFIT FINDER will help you to take out “FEAR” from your MIND because you will be trading with your BRAIN supported by PROFIT FINDER.

Hurry up and be part of this wonderful trading experience!

PROFIT FINDER is not a tool that will flash signals which can never be applied in the live market. There is a crowd out there as technical software with BUY and SELL signals showing huge profits. The problem with the majority of these tools is they cannot be applied in the live market in a profitable manner.  And the reason for that is they are with HIGH RISK and LOW REWARD.

PROFIT FINDER is LOW RISK and HIGH REWARD tool. Experience it at no cost first. Then decide your future in trading.

What is a robotic trading system means?

A trading program is based on certain conditions with some rules associated with buying and selling in the stock/commodity/currency markets. It gets a statistic analysis of several trades and holds old results that have to create profits from it. Before confirming this system as a trading tool, it goes under several tests to assure its accuracy and capability to remain successful for a while.

A trading system will never assure a fixed profit. It’s created of certain algorithmic rule or adaptations that will provide execution signals like  ‘buy’ and ‘sell’  to generate profit in a short period. It’ll never assure one hundred per cent success. because the market is constantly changing and new modifications to the algorithms or the trading system need to alter as well. 

Recently, the most usual robo-trading systems are created based on swing trading strategy, which holds existing trade or creates new positions while there is a trend, and also day trading software, which take advantage of daily trends and squire-off any open position at the end of the day.

The technology is advancing day by day. So many aggressive traders opt to create a robotic trading system or automatic trading software. These robo systems execute buy-sell positions in the trading terminal without the necessity of a real person. Majority of this robot trading software is integrated with complex rules permitting the software to generate and execute trading ideas without the necessity of a human.

Most of the  Robot Trading System can be integrated into Stock, Futures and options, commodity and currency market. The automatic system known in the finance market is called  High-Frequency Trading.

Many types of Robo trading systems are available in the markets.  In the F&O segments, since the scrips traded have an expiration date, the Robotic trading system knows to squire-of the positions no later than the expiry date liquidating profit or loss in all confirmed orders. In Currency Forex trading, there is no need to worry about expiry dates. Each segment provides different execution outcome, therefore every robo system has to be fit for that particular market. In other words, a robo trading system is not the same for Equity, F&O and Forex-Currency segments. 

These Robotic trading systems are needed to satisfy a purpose. Their goal is to follow a trading plan carry loss when it comes and implement rewards when the time is proper. The robot trading system is creat to hold gain and shut it down when suffering losses. The Auto-trading system executes trades rigorous on the conditions it’s coded to follow, take out any human outcome. It helps the plan hold a neat register and eliminate any emotional decision from a trader on whether it’s time to squire off a position or keep the order open for a larger period of time.

If we run manually trace the indication offered by the Automatic trading system, we can be rocked by our fear and end up undermining a trading system. Any profits or losses may differ since they are left to the faith of an executor. A Robot trading strategy has already been checked and created a statistical measure. It can all change if we leave it to an individual’s fear. This is why many traders choose to develop Robotic systems- they help eliminate outcome based on their emotions and rather let their plan do all the work.