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  • The Only Robot Trader Software for Indian Equity and F&O segment since 2009
  • Special Strategy for Nifty & Banknifty weekly Options
  • Highly recommended for Daily straddle and strangle execution
  • India's Oldest Robotic Trading strategy designer
  • Most affordable Subscription plan
  • Simulator facility available to evaluate the strategy 
  • Compatible with all leading discount brokers terminal.
  • Zerodha , Aliceblue, Upstox, IIFL, 5paisa, Fyers, Angel, Edelweiss, Finvasia, Zebu, ProfitMart, mastertrust, Nest and Odin.                                                                                                          
Algo-Robot trading software for Indian Market-2022

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 Robot Trading software for Banknifty Monthly Income.

Scrips: Banknifty Options

Execution: Fully automatic

Capital : Rs.90000

characteristic: 4 Leg, Hedged, Non- Directional 

Suitable for: Working-class

Robot Trading Software for Naked & Strategic Weekly and Monthly Options

Is this software suitable for trading options in the Indian market?
Yes. Our software is designed to execute Nifty and Banknifty weekly and Monthly Option contracts.

Does it support option writing?
Yes. based on the trigger it will fire orders option short-selling orders to the broker terminal.

Can option Robot be used in Multi-leg strategies?
Yes. But not all strategies. some strategies require additional coding and configuration. Please contact our                    Customer support for more details.

Does the Strike price have to be modified every day?
Not at all. Unlike other software, this Robot is automatically select and execute the appropriate strike price every          time a new trigger receive. 

Which broker platform support this software?
NEST with any broker and also will support ZERODHA KITE, ALICEBLUE ANT, FINVASIA, ZEBU, FYRES, ANGEL,            UPSTOX.

Do you provide any Ready-to-use strategy?
Our intraday trading strategy has 4 to 7 legs with Fixed Stop Loss and Target. As the market conditions change,             the Robot adjusts and modifies the strategy accordingly.

Can I back-test this system?
Yes. But remember, Back-testing is a valuable tool for traders to gain insight into potential tradable ideas, but it is         often misleading, and it is not advisable  for traders to rely only on back-testing results to conclude                                  whether the system will be profitable in a live market.
We strongly recommend using the forward testing feature to confirm the efficiency of strategies. 

Do you provide Free Trial?
Robot Trading is an advanced level of trading method. For starting robot trade in your system, apart from broker          terminal, we have to install and configure Robotic Plugin, Strategy plugin, Data feed plugin etc... And also you                have to take quality training for Robot trade operation. It is a time-consuming process.  So we are not                              entertaining Free Trial, You can subscribe to our paid trial package.

For how long do you provide this service?
Since 2009, we are providing various tools to Indian traders, like data, charting and trading systems. In 2011, we            tested our first robotic trading system and it was officially launched in 2013. We published the first setup video on        YouTube in 2014.

What is the difference between Auto Trade Desktop version and cloud version?                                                               If You install this software on the desktop version, The computer should running mode and you have to make                 sure  your internet  connection is flawless.
In the cloud version, You no need concerned about power or internet speed.

What is the minimum investment for options Trading?

It is approximately Rs.7000 to 10000 per lot for naked options and Rs.100000 for multileg strategies.

What is the accuracy we can expect in options trading?
Risk reward ratios of naked long options strategies are 3:1 and accuracy is 50-60%. A multi-leg strategy has a 1:1           risk-reward ratio and You can expect an accuracy of 60 to 80%.    

What is the Best Strategy for Robotic Trading?

Follow these 3 steps to avoid Trading Lose in Algo TRADING

Nifty and banknifty Robot trading strategies for Indian Market-2022

List of Robotic Supporting Brokers


Alice Blue








Motilal Oswal


Master Trust

All brokers Nest Terminal 

What is Robot trading?

Robotic trading is a type of automated trading software that allows traders to trade stocks without having to manually enter orders into their brokerage accounts. This kind of software automates the entire order entry process, including placing limit, market, stop loss, and take profit orders.

 The best thing about this kind of software is that it makes trading much easier for beginners. Traders no longer have to spend hours entering trades manually. They only have to input the parameters they want to automate, and let the robot do the rest.

What is the difference between Robot Trading and Algo (Algorithmic) Trading?

Robot trading is the practice of using software programs to trade automatically. Algo trading is the use of algorithms to trade automatically. Both types of trading are automated and involve no human intervention. However, robot traders do not have access to any information about the market except what is provided by the algorithm they are running. Algo traders can make their own decisions based on the data they receive from the markets.

Which is the best technical analysis platform for automated trading ?

Amibroker is a free online trading platform that provides real-time market data and news feeds. It offers a variety of tools including charts, indicators, and signals to help traders make informed decisions. The platform also features a chat room where users can discuss strategies and share ideas.

 MetaTrader 4 is a popular platform used by traders worldwide. It offers a wide range of features including technical analysis tools, charting, backtesting, and much more. It is highly customizable and allows users to create their own indicators and strategies.

 NinjaTrader is a software package that combines advanced technical analysis and algorithmic trading. It provides real-time market data and supports multiple time frames. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

 TradeStation is a leading provider of electronic trading solutions for futures, forex, equities, and options markets. Its flagship product is the TradeStation Web Trader, which enables users to trade from anywhere at any time.

 Is Algo trading same as Auto trading?

Algo Trading is a form of automated stock trading where algorithms are used to trade stocks based on certain criteria. Algorithms are programs that perform tasks automatically without human intervention. They are usually programmed using computer languages such as C++, Java, Python, etc. Algorithm trading is a relatively new concept in the world of finance. However, it has gained popularity among traders due to its ability to execute trades at lightning speed. This makes it ideal for day traders and swing traders.

Auto Trading is similar to algo trading except that it uses technical analysis instead of fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is a method of analyzing past market data to predict future price movements. Unlike algo trading, auto trading does not require programming skills. Instead, it relies on charting software that displays charts and graphs to help identify trends. Auto trading is suitable for long term investors who want to invest in stocks for months or years.

Both algo trading and auto trading are forms of algorithmic trading. Both methods rely heavily on technology to automate their processes. However, they differ in terms of the type of analysis they use. While algo trading uses technical analysis, auto trading uses fundamental analysis.

How much do algorithmic traders make?

1. Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading is the practice of using computer programs to execute trades based on pre-programmed rules. This type of trading is used by large financial institutions to hedge their risks and maximize profits.

2. High frequency trading

High Frequency Trading (HFT) refers to the practice of making extremely fast stock market trades. HFTs are able to monitor market activity in real time and react almost instantly to changes in price. They often employ complex algorithms that allow them to predict future trends and take advantage of small movements before anyone else.

3. Market makers

Market makers are firms that act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They match buyers and sellers together, taking a fee for doing so.

4. Quantitative analysts

Quantitative analysts use mathematical models to analyze data from the markets. They then use this analysis to inform investment decisions.

5. Traders

Traders are individuals or organizations that trade securities. They may buy and sell stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, options, futures, or any other security.

Is Auto trading legal in India?

Auto trading is legal in India. There are many brokers who offer auto trading services. However, they are regulated by SEBI. They are required to register themselves with SEBI. Auto trading is considered as a derivative transaction where the trader buys or sells securities based on the price movements of the underlying security.

What is automated trading in zerodha?

Automated Trading - Zerodha is an algorithmic trading platform where traders can trade through algorithms. Algorithms are computer programs that execute trades based on predefined rules. They are used to automate repetitive tasks and reduce human error. Automated trading is a form of algorithmic trading where the trader does not physically place any orders but rather lets the algorithm decide what order to place.

Zerodha offers two types of automated trading - Market Maker and Limit Order Book.

Market Maker - This type of automated trading allows users to enter into a market and let the algorithm determine the best price at which to buy and sell. Users can choose to take long positions or short positions.

Limit Order Book - This type of automated trade allows users to specify the quantity they wish to purchase or sell. Once the user enters their limit order, the algorithm places the order and executes it immediately.

How do I start my own trading robot?

1. Create a Trading Strategy The first step to building a profitable trading strategy is to create a trading plan. This means defining what you want to achieve and then deciding how you will accomplish this. To begin, you should define your goals and objectives. Do you want to make a profit from day 1? Or would you prefer to slowly increase your profits over time? Once you've decided on your goal, you'll need to decide how much risk you're willing to take. Are you comfortable losing 10% of your capital at any given moment? How many trades per month will you allow yourself? Will you trade full-time or only part-time?

2. Build a Trading System Once you've defined your goals and objectives, you'll need to determine how you'll meet those goals. A trading system is essentially a blueprint for achieving your goals. It consists of rules that govern your actions and decisions. Rules may include things like:

• When to enter a trade

• When to exit a trade

• How much to invest in a trade

• How long to hold a position

Is robot good for forex trading?

1. Robot Trading

Robots are used in many different industries today. They are used to automate repetitive tasks that humans would otherwise have to perform manually. Robots are typically programmed to complete specific tasks based on certain conditions. This makes robots perfect for performing tasks that require accuracy and consistency.

2. Forex Trading

Forex trading is the exchange of currency between countries. Traders speculate on the direction of currencies by buying and selling foreign currencies at any time. There are two types of traders; fundamental and technical. Fundamental traders look at economic data and statistics to predict future trends. Technical traders focus on price action and chart patterns.

3. Is Robot Good For Forex Trading?

The answer is yes! A robot can help you trade faster and easier. However, a robot cannot beat the market consistently. A human trader needs to understand the fundamentals of the markets they are trading in order to make sound decisions. A robot does not have this advantage.

Is automated trading allowed in India?

Automated trading is legal in India. However, this does not mean that you can trade without any restrictions. There are certain rules that apply to traders in India. They include the following:

a. Trading hours

b. Minimum investment amount

c. Restrictions on the number of trades per day

d. Restrictions on the total number of trades per month

e. Restrictions on the maximum number of trades per month/year

f. Restrictions on the minimum number of days between two consecutive trades

Do trading bots make money?

Trading bots are programs that trade stocks automatically. They work 24/7 without human intervention. They are used by investors to automate their stock trading activities. They help traders to manage their time efficiently and save a lot of time.

They only take advantage of the market movements. They cannot predict future trends and they may lose money.

How do I start automated trading?

1. Learn Basics of Equity, Futures & Options, Currency and Commodities Trading.

Trading basics is the first step to becoming successful auto trader. There are many different types of traders, but they all share some common traits. They are risk takers, they are always looking for opportunities to profit from price movements, they are always looking to take advantage of market trends, and they are always willing to learn and adapt to changing markets.

2. Understand the Market Trends

Market trends are the driving force behind any currency exchange. Understanding what drives the market is critical to understanding how to trade successfully. This means being able to identify the current trends and understand their impact on the future.

3. Identify Key Price Points

Key price points are the moments when a trend changes direction. These are the times when the market moves from trending to counter-trending or vice versa. Knowing where these key price points occur is the best way to predict the future movement of the market.

4. Use Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are used to help determine whether a trend is going to continue or reverse. They give traders a snapshot of the market conditions at any given time. Traders use technical indicators to help them decide when to enter a position and when to exit a position.

Is automated stock trading legal?

1. Automated Stock Trading

Automated stock trading is a form of algorithmic trading where computers trade stocks based on pre-programmed rules. This type of trading was first introduced back in the 1980s but gained popularity after the 2008 financial crisis. Today, this method of trading is widely used by hedge funds, banks, and large brokerage firms.

2. Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is a type of automated stock trading where computers trade stocks using algorithms. Algorithms are mathematical models that determine the best course of action in any given situation. They are usually programmed to follow certain rules and then execute trades automatically.

3. Market Makers

Market makers are traders who take opposite positions in the same security. They are considered to be market makers because they are willing to accept a loss in order to profit from their position.

4. Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are private investment pools that are run by professional managers. They are often referred to as “hedge funds” because they invest in securities that are less liquid than traditional investments.

How do I start algorithmic trading?

1. Learn Algorithmic Trading Basics

Algorithmic trading is a form of automated trading where computer programs trade stocks based on pre-defined rules. There are two types of algorithms - technical and fundamental. Technical algorithms look at charts and indicators to determine whether to buy or sell. Fundamental algorithms analyze economic data to predict future stock prices. Both forms of algorithms are used extensively in Wall Street.

2. Find a Broker

There are many brokers that offer algorithmic trading services. Most brokers require a minimum investment of $10,000. However, some brokers allow you to trade without any initial deposit. To find a broker, visit

3. Choose a Platform

You can choose from three different platforms to trade on: AlgoXpress, TradeStation, and NinjaTrader. Each platform offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Visit their websites to learn more.

4. Set Up Your Account

Once you've chosen a broker and platform, you'll need to create an account. This involves filling out a registration form and uploading documents. Once this is done, you'll receive an email containing login credentials.

Is algorithmic trading hard?

Algorithmic trading is a type of automated trading where computers execute trades based on preprogrammed rules. This form of trading is used by many large financial institutions and hedge funds.

Back testing is the process of testing a strategy using historical data. Traditionally, backtests were done manually. Nowadays, they are often performed automatically using software.

 Black box trading refers to a method of trading where traders do not have access to the algorithms used by the trader. Instead, they only receive signals from the algorithm.

A brokerage firm is a company that provides services to individual investors. They offer trade execution, clearing, and custody services.

What is the success rate of algo trading?

1. Automatic trading

Automatic trading is a type of automated trading where computers execute trades based on algorithms instead of human traders. This means that they trade automatically without any input from humans. There are two types of algorithmic trading: quantitative and discretionary. Quantitative trading uses mathematical formulas to determine the best course of action. Discretionary trading relies on human judgment to decide what to buy and sell.

2. Market Makers

Market makers are firms that act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They are responsible for matching buyers and sellers and ensuring that transactions take place at the right price. Market makers earn their profits through fees charged to both parties involved in the transaction.

3. High Frequency Traders

High frequency traders (HFTs) are traders who use computer programs to analyze market data and react to changes in prices much faster than traditional traders. HFTs often employ strategies known as “algo trading”, which involves using complex mathematical models to predict future trends in stock prices.

4. Automated Trading Bots

Automated trading bots are software applications that automate certain tasks associated with trading. They may monitor the markets for specific stocks or commodities, or they may scan large volumes of financial news feeds to detect when a particular trend might be developing. Once they identify a potential opportunity, they will then submit orders to buy or sell the targeted securities.

Are trading robots reliable?

Robots are not 100% reliable but they are much better than humans. Humans are prone to errors and mistakes. A robot doesn't make mistakes.

Every trader knows making money from the stock market is difficult and all are looking for a good strategy to make consistent income from Trading.

If you can follow these 3 simple but most effective steps You can get dramatic changes in your trading.

Here I am going to tell you the 3 most important step to make a steady income from your trading. And also I will show you the best indicators to crack the market.


What is trading emotions?

     It is true, everybody coming to the stock market for making some money. In the beginning, we might think, it is a         very simple process. Buy at low price and sell at high. You may use some simple charts or tips from broker or               advisory firm. You may practice several hours in paper trading. But when  you go live and risk your own                          money, you  realize it’s not an easy task. You make plenty of mistakes. You lose money and you don't                                understand why it happened.

      Reasons 1.

When you lose a trade, you become panic and decide to make your money back quickly. So you ignore all the rules and start firing random orders.

     Reason 2.

You are very confident, the market is going to rally but don't know where to enter. You don't want to miss the                opportunity. So you forget all the rules and create a position.

     Reason 3.

Imagine, your trade reaches your target. Suddenly you change your mind and decide to stay some more time. Your greed starts to dominate your mind. Unexpectedly market reverse and hit stop loss.

     Reason 4.

Imagine, The market approaches the stop loss. You change your stops to save your positions. Finally, the trade            ended with huge Loss.

The biggest challenge in trading is controlling your emotions.

Most of the time our emotions will create huge losses. Robo trading software is an ideal solution for avoiding                emotions and transform into a disciplined trader.



Risk reward ratio is the most important things for successful trading. An unfavorable risk-reward ratio can hurt               your  valuable capital.

What is the best risk-reward ratio?

It calculates how much you’re probable reward is, for every penny you risk.

1:1 risk reward ratio measures 1 point risking for potentially make 1 point and 1:5 means 1 point risking for                          potentially make 3 points.

Imagine, you are planning to trade NIFTY Future with 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 Risk Reward ratio. After 10th trade what will be the result? See below chart.

Trader- A adopting an unfavorable risk/reward ratio but Trader-C following a favorable risk/reward ratio.  After win       3    trades, Trader- C  came out from Danger zone. Please use our robot trader manual to know more about Risk            reward ratio.

STEP-3 FIND GOOD TRADING STRATEGY for algorithmic trading

What is the best Trading strategy for Indian market?

The best strategy will change person to person depends on their circumstances and personality.

 A good strategy must have a trading plan like when to enter when to exit, quantity, Time frame etc... Please                  contact 9142227174 and we will show some Good Indicator which suitable for manual and automatic trading.

Why Realsense Robo Trader?

India's first Robo trader provider for retail client (Since 2009)

Highest positive reviews from our clients.

More number of unique features.100% bugs free software.

Multi System login and Cloud compatible.

Bracket order compatible.

4 type of trail stop loss customization.

Facility for double/ Increment quantity on reverse orders.

Monthly and weekly Option contract supported.

Best algo trading software India

Algo-trading is Profitable?

Algorithmic trading is a category of trading that uses compelling computers to run highly complexed mathematical formulas for trading. An algorithm is a set of guidelines for clarifying an issue. And also an algorithm is an algebraic equalization, mixed with the proper regulation of the algebra. With these two components, a computer can determine the explain to that comparison all the time.

Think, a trader takes after these clear execution criteria:

      Buy 50 offers of a stock when its 50-day "MA" goes over the 200-day "MA". The straightforward structure of a moving average, correspondingly known as a simple moving       average (SMA), is determined by taking the arithmetic mean of a given set of prices. Let say, Calculate a basic 50-day moving average you would add up the closing                 prices    from the past 50 days and then subdivide the answer by 50.

Risk Reward Raio in Nifty bnaknifty Algo trading software for Indian Market-2022


What is Robo trade or Automatic Trading software?

     It is a technical and analytical process to improve trading success. The primary function of auto-trading is to increase the profitability of day trading. Robo trading software program that automates buying and selling decisions. The most famous robots for retail investors are built across the Amibroker Technical analysis platform. Those robots run on Amibroker as "AFL" and they could do pretty much something, from supplying you with a signal to execute a trade, to executing and managing the function automatically.

How Robot Trade works?

usually, we activate each and every trade manually to the broker terminal. Robo software is capable to send all trading orders to the broker terminal automatically without any noticeable delay. Attaching a technical analysis software like Amibroker or Excel-based algorithm will help robo trader to find a probable Buy and Sell conditions. Its help trader to activate every trade faster and emotion free. Click here to know more about Robo Trading software.

Whenever a Buy, Sell signals appear in charting platform, the signal will send to the Broker terminal(Nest, Now, Odin) instantly. Technical Charts(Amibroker, MT4 etc.) generate buy sell signals based on a set of rules. Robo software identifies these signals and sends the order to the broker terminal almost immediately.

Risk Management in Option Algo Trading.

If you can adopt a good risk management techniques, you may get outstanding result on your intraday trading.

Risk management is the process of calculating the risk involved in each trading. Usually, it processes through various technical and fundamental tools.

One of the best investments tools is algorithm trade. Anybody can make fortune from it. But also need to understand that, various types of risks involved in it.

Intraday traders usually trade equity, futures and options contracts, currency pairs etc. usually, it is closed before the market. Risk is part of day trading and higher the risk may lead to better reward.

Usually, traders experience huge losses in the stock market. The main reason for the loss is improper risk management. The trader should understand his risk tolerance level before he starts trading. And also trader should fix his daily loss limit before he enters the day trading. Understanding his comfort level is a very essential part of daily trading.

Algo Trading strategy for day trading

A trader should maintain a good trading strategy according to his trading method and risk appetite. The trading Strategies are the trading method to achieve a profitable return from the market. It should be dynamic and adaptable to the trading conditions.

Entry and Exit

A trader should predetermine the entry and exit price before starting the trade, especially the stop loss level. Stop loss save from huge losses and also it will help to minimize the loss.

Target level

Before placing an order, the trader should determine his target level.


Always keep a predetermined risk level for each trading. As soon as the level reaches squire off immediately from losing positions.

QUOTE: "We don't have to be smarter than the Rest; We have to be more discipline than the Rest " WARREN BUFFET.

Nifty and banknifty Cloud based Fully automatic Robot trading software for Indian Market-2022


What is Cloud Robo Trade?

Cloud Computing or Virtual machine is an Internet based computer service which helps to operate almost all computing services like Storage,Server,Software installation, Data base management, Networking and Analytics etc.. with high speed internet.

Robot Trading in Cloud.

Usually We install Robot software in our Laptop or Desktop. So we are forced to keep the computer on until the market closes. If we shut down our computer, The robot trade stops functioning. But If You install Your Robot trade Software and your trading terminals in a Cloud (Virtual computer) never shuts down. Whenever trader wants to monitor the software, They can login through his computer or Android mobile. Click here to know more about Cloud Robo Trading.

Features of NSE, MCX Auto Trading Software Plugin

What are the main features of Algo Trading options Software plugin?

  • Evaluating mode to to check the real time functions and profitability of Charts.
  • Can be execute with unlimited scrips through Nse and MCX robots
  • Possible to trade in one direction. Example Option buyers prefer to execute only long orders. Writers always choose Short orders.
  • Profit can be book part of our positions like 50% in first target and remaining for second Target etc.
  • Can be trade with Pivot,Gann, Camarilla or Yesterdays high low levels without a charting tools.
  • Possible to send orders to multiple scrips from single chart. Example when a buy signal appearing in Nifty Futures and trade can be execute in many scrips like a buy order for Nifty Call options, Short order for Put options and even send order to buy Crudeoil or USDINR. Most suitable for options strategy making, Hedging and Arbitraging.
  • multiple type of trailing Stop-Loss can set.
  • Reverse trading like when buy signals appear in the chart sell order will execute in the terminal.
  • Daily profit or Loss limit can be set to exit all active trade on achieving our limit.
  • Facility to set a particular time for entering and exit the market.
  • Various type of quantity management.
  • Can be work on Virtual machine (Cloud).
  • Order execution from Scanner.
  • Multi-User Plugin for Sub-brokers.
  • Order can be send from Excel sheet
  • Message and email alert .
  • Option Strategy Automation.
  • Lowest Price.
benefit of Nifty and Banknifty algo Trading software for Indian Market-2022

Benefit of Automatic Trade execution software

What is the advantage of Auto trading software?

Trade execution at the immediate bid and ask price.

Speedy execution process.

Trades coordinated accurately and quickly, to maintain a strategic distance from unusual price changes.

Low exchange costs with discount brokers.

Conventional brokers charging a very high commission for Intraday trading. Many discounts broker firms are offering attractive brokerage plan to their clients. Low brokerage will help to maximize the profit from auto trading.

Low risk of manual mistakes in setting the trades.

When we set a trade manually there are many ways we did mistake. Algo-robot help to maintain a mistake-free trading environment.

Can be back tested in live markets.

The software will be equipped to test the strategy in a live market. It will help the trader to evaluate the performance of the strategy before he starts real trading.

Low probability of slip-ups.

Robo Trading software prevents from a trading slip up in live markets.

Help to control emotional trade activities.

Due to the high level of emotion, traders make frequent mistakes on execution. Automatic trade software will help them to avoid these mistakes.

Preventing Over-Trade activities.

Over trade activities a common phenomenon for most traders. The high degree of excitement will end up with a huge trading loss. Automatic trading is an ideal solution for over trade activities.

Maintaining Discipline.

Trade discipline is the most important part of the trading business. Lack of trading discipline will vanish the trading capital quickly.

Highly Accurate and Dependable.

Our Automatic trade execution software has been tested for many years by professional Indian Traders that have been trading for 8+ years. You will see how to get easy and consistent profit, with a small and calculative risk.

Various Trading methods can be executed.

This Auto-Robot works for all Indian markets and different time frame. Chart traders, Level traders, Intra-day Traders, Swing and scalpers can make a stable profit from this software.

The Basic setup of Auto Trading.

1.Chart Symbol

Type the exact chart symbol or copy and paste from the chart. If type wrong chart symbol, the price (LTP) will not update.

2. Exchange

Select the exchange from the drop-down menu. Select "NSE" for the spot market. For "NSE futures & options", select "NFO" and "NSE-CDS" for Currency pair like US Dollar-Indian rupees(USDINR), Euro-Indian Rupees(EURINR), British Pound-Indin Rupees(GBPINR), Japanese Yen- Indian rupees(JPYINR).

Select MCX if you want to trade MCX commodity scrips.

3. Instrument name

Select, instrument name from the drop-down list.

Select, EQ for equity scrips.

FUTIDX for Index future scrips,

OPTIDX for Index options like Bank nifty weekly and monthly options, Nifty call and put option etc.

FUTSTK for Stock future scrips.

OPTSTK ,for stock options.

FUTURE for currency future.

OPTCUR for Option Currency.

FUTCOM, for commodity future.

OPTFUT for Commodity options.

4. Terminal Symbol.

Type exact terminal symbol here. A wrong terminal symbol will affect trade execution.

5. Product Type.

Select the product type form the drop-down list.


BRKT for bracket trading. Please, contact your broker for more details.

If you select "BRKT", enter a value in stop loss field and also put a value for target 1 and target 2 fields.

Example, If You select NIFTY1 and put 10 point stop loss, 30 point target1and 40 point target 2.

If your Buy signal executes at 11950, Robo software will place 3 order together.

Send a Buy limit order for 11950.

Send a Stop Loss order for 11940 (Sell).

Send a Target order for 11980(Sell).

6. Quantity

Put the exact quantity. For NSE, put the unit size of a lot. For example 1 Lot Nifty is equal to 75 unit.

For MCX, You should put both, quantity in Lot and lot size.

If you want to trade Crude oil 5 lot, You should put Qty in Lots =5 and Lot size =100.

7. Part Quantity

If you want to execute two targets, You have to divide your quantity into two parts. Let say, You want to trade 4 lot crude oil and exit 2 lot in the first target and remaining 2 lot in the 2nd target.

So, You have to fill Qty in lots=4 and "Part Qty=2.

8. Points and Percentage.

This feature will help you to book your stop loss and target both point and percentage base.

9. Trade Type

A useful feature to select Long only or Short Only or Both.

Sometimes, a trader wants to execute only one side trade, especially options traders.

Some options traders only Buy a call or put options and them never Short option contracts.

So they can choose Long only.

Option writers only Short the options. They won't buy options. So they can choose Short only.

And both can select those want long and short together.

10. Target 1

If you have a single target ,

If You have a single target for your position, fill this field as a percentage or point wise. You also have to fill target 2 with any value higher than target 1.

11. Target 2

If You have 2 different targets for your position, fill both the fields as a percentage or point wise.

12. Stop Loss

If You have a Stop Loss for your position, fill this field as a percentage or point wise.

13. Cumulative target.

This feature will help you to book a particular target in rupees value.

Imagine, You are trading in Nifty and Your target is 20 point.

You wish to exit if the total profit of Nifty reaches Rs.5000.

Your first trade book 20 points target (Rs.1500)

Second trade book 20 point target (Rs.1500+1500=3000)

Third trade booked 20 points again. (Rs.1500*3=4500

Fourth trade made a loss of 10 points. ( 4500-750=3750)

As soon as it reaches 16.70 points, Your Nifty trade will close for the day. (16.70*75=1250 +3750 =5000.

14. Update/Add New

After every modification , press this button for update.

15. Finance Charge per quantity (FC/QTY)

If you want to reflect your brokerage and charges to your profit and loss, put the total cost in unit size,

For example, You are trading crude oil and your total brokerage and charges is Rs.200 Put Rs.2 as FC/Qty.

means, FC/Qty=Brokerage & Charges/Unit size 200/100=2.

16. Select Terminal

Click this drop-down list to select the terminal. You can select Nest, Now or Odin client. You may choose paper trading also for testing your strategy.

17. Trailing Stop Loss

Four types of trailing stop loss available in our algorithm software.

17(a). Trailing Stop Loss.

It is a normal trailing stop loss. A particular point or percentage you can set for trailing.

17(b). TSL on target 1 hit.

Trailing will start only after hitting the target 1.

17(c). Stop Loss at Entry + FC at Target 1.

As soon as the first target achieve, the stop-loss will move to entry and finance charge. For example, you bought crude oil at 3900 and your brokerage and charge will be Rs.100, your target is 3920,

The moment LTP touch 3920, the stop loss move to 3901.

17(d). Stop Loss at entry-target 1

As soon as the first target achieve, the stop-loss will move to entry minus target 1. For example, you bought crude oil at 3900 and your brokerage and charge will be Rs.100, your target is 3950,

The moment LTP touch 3950, the stop loss move to 3950.

18. Money management

Imagine, You added 10 scrips in the robo-trader and you want to squire off all position when total profit reaches Rs.25000 or total loss reach Rs.10000.

19. Time management

Algo-Software time management feature will help you to set exchange wise trading time. You can set market open, close, no new trade and squire off time.

20. LTP Source

You can select the LTP source according to your convenience.

21. Signal Source

You can select the signal source from Amibroker or MT4.

22. Risk management

There are four types of risk management settings available in this software.

22(a).Maximum Active orders.

Let say, You added 200 scrips in robot system, But You have not sufficient capital for trading 200 scrips. So You can choose any number which is sufficient for trading.

22(b). Maximum Long orders

This feature will help you to decide how many long orders at a time.

22(c). Maximum Short orders.

This feature will help you to decide how many Short orders at a time.

22(d). Maximum order per scrip

This feature will help you to control the trade from a particular scrip. It's very useful for range bound market conditions.

23. Smart quantity management

This feature will help to recover the loss effectively. After a Loss, the next order will place double quantity.

24.Increment quantity on reverse order

This feature will help to recover the loss effectively. After a Loss, the next order will increase until the loss recover.

For example.

Trade 1 Bought Nifty 1 lot and Loss Rs.500

Trade 2 Short Nifty 2 lot and Loss 250 Total loss 750

Trade 3 Bought Nifty 3 lot and Profit Rs.2000

Trade 3 Short Nifty 1 lot 


  • Moving Averages all variant (Simple, Exponential, Weighted, Wilder, Displaced etc...)
  • Moving Average crossover All combination. Eg: 20/10, 34/15 etc..)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Keltner Bands
  • Percent bands
  • Commodity Channel Index( CCI )
  • Moving Average Convergence and Divergence ( MACD)
  • Relative Strength Index ( RSI )
  • Parabolic Stop and reverse ( SAR )


  • NSE Equity
  • Index Futures
  • Stock Futures
  • Currency Futures
  • Index options
  • Stock Options
  • Currency options
  • BANKNIFTY Weekly Options
  • MCX Futures


We are proudly introducing Algo-trader for trading Equity Commodity Futures& Options and Currency Segment. It can execute both Intraday and positional orders. This plugin is compatible for Amibroker and MT4 platform. We have two types of execution methods. Individual client version and Multiple client version for brokers and Sub brokers. It allows the trader to customize different types of  trading strategies in real time basis.   One of the main advantage is that, It will remove all kinds of trade emotions, especially in daily executions.      Semi and fully Robo-trader will help to manage their punching style, as per the  parameters. It will help the client to get full control over the real time punching process.  And also, our plugin is designed  to execute order from Instant Buttons. This feature is really helpful to activate quick transact decision especially in high volatile market and also when unexpected move occurs.

Auto trade software India

What makes our system is different?

 One of the massive trouble you will face as trader is discovering the perfect system for you and hanging away from "gurus" out there that are scamming traders everyday.

  They will extend to boost worthless trading systems, but in the end you will only be left with little cash in your account and enormous headache in cop with getting your hard earned money back.

  Our uncomplicated algorithmic solution that we have for you today will assured you never suffer at the hands of an evil guru again…

The mysterious  to this software tools that makes it so particular is giving you knowledge at your fingertips about this tools that most other "gurus" fail to contribute!

Majority people never find a game plan that works for them…

They effort to come up with a plan on their own and, because they do not have the appropriate awareness, they are left with obstacle.

Most people depart after so many serious of this foolishness. Others stay on expecting to decisively find something that works.

But here is the brisk naked truth: Most of these traders were wrecked before they ever initiated trying to trade. They were watching for the “straight away” healing to trading and monetary immunity which simply doesn’t exist.

Fixing with a plan and tweaking it is like going to the gym… Everyone knows it works, but no one wants to do it. because it’s tough and uninteresting and there is no quick pleasure.

The moderate peddle trader has many other factors working opposite to them:

     Shortage of trading tools 
     Lack of practice
     Delayed market execution 
     Shortage of inside knowledge
     Lack of awareness 
     Insufficient fund 
     Wrong Mindset
     Not profitable Trading tools 
     Shiny Object Syndrome 
     Not Trusting Their Trading plan

No wonder that the most of the trader will struggle and then get frustrated and speedily give up.

  No wonder that the most of the trader will struggle and then get frustrated and speedily give up.  It's a real calamity when a trader leave before reaching his full potential. There is so much profit potential and yet it seems so far out of reach for the average trader.  We wanted to help traders overcome the same pain and difficulty and dilemma that we went through when we first started trading.  Which is why we are offering our Robo Trder at a FRACTION of the price of what it is actually worth.

Pros and cons of Robo Traders

When you have a trading strategy and this is strictly mechanical and that does not require a human in the decision-making system, you may automate with the help of our Robotic Plugin. 

Many service providers develop and distributing Auto trading programs, however be cautious who you deal with in case you're inside the market to shop for one. It’s no longer unusual for an organization to spring up overnight and begin promoting an "instant riches" Auto trading.

 Most of the ready to buy Auto-Robots are not profitable, so please do your studies first in case you're planning on buying one. The pleasant way to analyse the good one is, do dummy trading for few weeks or months and evaluate the performance with different strategy. And this practice will help you to avoid capital threat concerned within the automatic trading software.

Trading Plan is Important in Auto trading India

A buying and selling plan is a written set of policies that specifies a trader's entry, go out and money management standards. Using a buying and selling plan permits investors to try this, even though it is a time ingesting endeavor.

 With recent technology, it is easy to check a trading concept before risking actual money. back testing, making use of buying and selling ideas to historic information, lets in investors to determine if a buying and selling plan is viable, and additionally indicates the expectancy of the plan's logic. As soon as a plan has been advanced and back testing suggests good outcomes, the plan can be utilized in actual trading. The key here is to stick to the plan. Taking trades outdoor of the trading plan, even though they become winners, is taken into consideration terrible buying and selling and destroys any expectancy the plan may additionally have had.

Deal with trading like an enterprise

A good way to achieve success, one ought to approach buying and selling as a complete- or part-time business - not as a hobby or a job. As an interest, wherein no real commitment to learning is made, trading may be very high-priced. As a process it may be frustrating considering the fact that there is no regular pay check. Buying and selling is a commercial enterprise, and incurs prices, losses, taxes, uncertainty, strain and chance. As a trader, you're essentially a small commercial enterprise owner, and have to do your research and strategize to maximize your commercial enterprise's capacity.

Robo Traders technological advantage

Trading is an aggressive business, and you will count on the individual sitting on the alternative side of an exchange is taking full benefit of technology. Charting platforms allow investors an infinite form of techniques for viewing and reading the markets. Back testing a concept on historic records previous to risking any coins can keep a buying and selling account, now not to say pressure and frustration. Getting market updates with smartphones allows us to monitor trades genuinely anywhere. Even era that today we take without any consideration, like excessive-velocity internet connections, can substantially boom trading performance.

 The use of technology for your advantage, and keeping current with to be had technological advances, may be amusing and rewarding in buying and selling.

Defend your buying and selling capital

Saving cash to fund a trading account can take a long time and lots effort. It can be even greater hard (or not possible) the next time around. It’s far critical to observe that defensive you’re buying and selling capital is not synonymous with no longer having any dropping trades. All traders have losing trades; that is part of trading business. Defensive capital entails not taking any unnecessary dangers and doing the whole thing you may to hold your business.

End up a scholar of the markets

 Consider it as persevering with education - investors want to remain cantered on learning greater every day. Due to the fact that many concepts bring prerequisite knowledge, it's far crucial to take into account that understanding the markets, and all of their intricacies, is an ongoing, lifelong manner.

 Difficult studies lets in buyers to analyze the records, like what the specific monetary reports suggest. Recognition and commentary permit investors to advantage instinct and examine the nuances; that is what facilitates buyers recognize how the ones economic reviews affect the market they may be buying and selling

 International politics, occasions, economies - even the climate - all have an impact on the markets. The marketplace surroundings is dynamic. The more buyers apprehend the beyond and cutting-edge markets, the higher organized they will be to face the future.

Robo Traders - Don't take a risk for heavy loss

 Earlier, I referred to that funding a trading account can be a long procedure. Earlier than a dealer starts off evolved the use of real cash, it's far vital that every one of the money within the account be really expendable. If it is not, the dealer need to preserve saving till it is.

 it should cross without saying that the money in a trading account have to no longer be allotted for the kid's college lessons or paying the mortgage. Traders should by no means allow themselves to suppose they may be simply "borrowing" cash from these other vital duties. One should be prepared to lose all the cash allotted to a trading account. 

Losing money is stressful enough; it is even greater so if it's miles capital that must have never been risked first of all.

Expand a trading method primarily based on information

Taking the time to increase a valid trading technique is really worth the attempt. It is able to be tempting to consider inside the "so easy it's like printing cash" trading scams which might be popular at the net. But facts, now not feelings or hope, ought to be the inspiration at the back of growing a buying and selling plan.

 Investors who are not in a hurry to study commonly have a less difficult time sifting thru all of the records to be had on the internet. Recollect this: in case you were to begin a new career, greater than in all likelihood you would want to examine at a university or college for as a minimum a 12 months or two before you were qualified to even apply for a function inside the new subject. Assume that getting to know how to alternate needs at least the identical quantity of time and factually pushed research and study.

Constantly use a stop loss

Several times I have heard comments from traders who say something like, “I bought some stock with the objecctive of day trading, but because it turned it into a loss, I modified it into delivery. This kind of technic is a recipe for hazard for any portfolio.

No trader is exempt to losses in the market, and autonomous of the trading strategy you use or how good you are, your idea can still go wrong. experinced traders have good strategies which give them money, but they also cut their losses short when the trade goes opposite them. In fact, one of the most essential conception of a rewarding trader is to limit the losses in such a condition, and the way to do that is by setting a stop loss. For new traders, stop loss is a price at which you exit your trade when it turns against you.

know while to prevent trading

 There are reasons to prevent trading: a useless buying and selling plan, and a useless trader.

 A useless trading plan indicates a lot more losses than anticipated in ancient testing. Markets may have changed, volatility inside a positive buying and selling tool might also have lessened, or the buying and selling plan simply isn't acting as well as predicted. One will gain by using ultimate unemotional and business-like. It might be time to reevaluate the buying and selling plan and make some changes, or to begin over with a brand new buying and selling plan. An unsuccessful trading plan is a problem that desires to be solved. It isn't necessarily the end of the buying and selling enterprise.

 A useless dealer is one who is not able to comply with his or her trading plan. Outside stress, bad habits and lack of bodily activity can all contribute to this hassle. A dealer who isn't in height condition for trading need to don't forget a destroy to deal with any non-public troubles, be it fitness or pressure or something else that prohibits the dealer from being effective. After any problems and challenges were handled, the dealer can resume.

Hold buying and selling in perspective

It is vital to stay focused on the big photograph when buying and selling. A dropping exchange need to now not marvel us - it's far a part of buying and selling. Likewise, a prevailing alternate is just one step alongside the course to profitable buying and selling. It’s far the cumulative earnings that make a difference. As soon as a trader accepts wins and losses as part of the business, feelings can have less of an effect on buying and selling performance. That isn't always to say that we cannot be excited about a especially fruitful alternate, however we ought to remember that a dropping change is not a ways off.

 Putting realistic desires is an important a part of retaining trading in attitude. If a trader has a small trading account, he or she should now not expect to tug in huge returns. a 10% return on a Rs.1,00,000 account is pretty exceptional than a ten% return on a Rs.10,000,000 trading account. Paintings with what you have, and remain realistic.

Why Robo trading better than manual trading?

The speed and sharpness of the Robo trading system are above human. It draws the crucial line between a positive and negative trade.

There is much logic why Robo trading is better than normal trading. It functions the complicated calculations, it does not skip out on trading probability, and it faces no sentimental clash that occurs when you’re making trading decisions.

But none of that logic is as impressive to me as this one: good execution. The speed and sharpness of the Robo trading system are above human. It draws the crucial line between a positive and negative trade.

scalping need perfect timing. The strategy is to regularly hit only a few good points per day and score well over the years. But if there’s going to be some lag in trade timing, leading to 0.01 percent slippage in this illustration, the benefit of every trade gets damaged.

With India's leading stock exchange getting year for an initial public offering of shares, the algorithmic trading controversy may cast dark clouds as the matter still needs a closure.

As the National Stock Exchange (NSE) prepares for an initial public offering (IPO), allegations of its trading systems being prone to manipulation could prove to be a major hurdle.

The exchange has been under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) scanner for breach of fair norms in algorithmic trading practices.

The issue had come to the fore after a whistle-blower indited a letter to a business publication about inequitable access to a few brokers in algorithmic trading. Cull traders made expeditious bucks by utilizing the co-location facility at the exchange with access to a server with the least load. This availed such traders trade more expeditious than others who availed the same facility.

To look into the matter the regulator had hired Deloitte that substantiated some of the allegations.
In a letter to Sebi, dated February 14, the whistle blower had verbally expressed, "I am ecstatic to note conclusively some action has taken place on the complaints.”

However, the matter has not concluded and NSE perpetuates to send descries to a host of brokers.

Why is it paramount for NSE to bring this case to a conclusion?

It is critical for NSE to lay this matter to repose to ward off any trouble for its upcoming IPO.

When a company offers its shares to the public, people’s confidence matters the most. With cases of inequitable trade practices and system manipulation, mistrust can influence judgement.

Withal, SEBI has been reserved on the whole issue which may not go down well with market participants as they expect an expeditious tribulation.

After the regulator took matter in its hands, it directed NSE to set aside revenue engendered from its co-location accommodations. NSE reported monthly revenue of around Rs.55 crore from co-location accommodations coupled with transaction charges linked to co-located servers.

As the matter of inequitable algorithmic trading not winding up, NSE’s profits are in peril.

Investors hope the incipient NSE chief, Vikram Limaye will take requisite action against those inculpated as per the investigations, close this matter and prepare the exchange for its IPO, which is expected to be the most immensely colossal since 2010.

Another aspect to pay heed to is the trading practices in algorithmic trading, shortcomings in the system and the utilization of its co-location facility.

Robo Trader price

Multi Scrip  : Rs.2650 Per month ( Without chart & Data)

Multi Client: Rs.7500 Per month ( Without chart  )

Robot Trading Charts:  Rs.1000 per month

Basic Chart: Rs.750 Per Month

Premium Chart : Rs.1750 per month

Vps (Cloud server) : Rs.1950 per month (4 core, 4gb Ram)