NIFTY Robot chart performance on 16th,17th and 18th of January 2018

NIFTY FUTURE Robot Chart 16-01-2018, 17-01-2018, 18-01-2018

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Consistent Profit will come only through proper risk reward ratio. RobotTrading is highly advanced computer technology to eliminate.......

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Buy Sell Indicator chart is most important part of Robot trader. A good strategy will give consistent profit from Auto trade system.

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Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Cloud you will have the advantage of getting access to your VPS or Cloud from any computer or android mobile.

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Equity, F&O, MCX Performanace


Nifty from Mar-2015 to Dec-2017 Total Profit Rs. 873204.00.  Avg. profit  Rs. 25682.00 per month.Last Month Profit: Rs. 41262.66

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Robo trade India

   We are proudly introducing Algo trader for trading Equity Commodity Futures& Options and Currency Segment. It can execute both Intraday and positional orders. This plugin is compatible for Amibroker and MT4 platform. We have two types of execution methods. Individual client version and Multiple client version for brokers and Sub brokers. It allows the trader to customize different types of  trading strategies in real time basis.   One of the main advantage is that, It will remove all kinds of trade emotions, especially in daily executions. 


   Semi and fully Robotrader will help to manage their punching style, as per the  parameters. It will help the client to get full control over the real time punching process.  And also, our plugin is designed  to execute order from Instant Buttons. This feature is really helpful to activate quick transact decision especially in high volatile market and also when unexpected move occurs. 

Auto trading Software India

   Algo trading volume is dramatically increasing day by day and now it covers 40 percentage of total trade volume.  It is applying almost all the segments in India. As per the expert prediction, it will cross 50 percent very soon.


Robo Trader price

Single Scrip : Rs.750 Per Month ( Without chart  and Data)

Multi Scrip  : Rs.1700 Per month ( Without chart  and Data)

Multi Client: Rs.6900 Per month ( Without chart  and Data)

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