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NIFTY Robot chart performance on 16th,17th and 18th of January 2018
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Equity, F&O, MCX Performance


Nifty from Mar-2015 to Dec-2017 Total Profit Rs. 873204.00.  Avg. profit  Rs. 25682.00 per month.Last Month Profit: Rs. 41262.66

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NSE Nifty Auto Robot Trader software performance from March 2015 to December 2017

 QUOTE: "We don't have to be smarter than the Rest; We have to be more discipline than the Rest "  WARREN BUFFETT.

Scrip: Nifty Future     Contract: Current Month     Time Frame: 5 minute     Strategy: Real TF breakout     Risk Reward Ratio: 1:3 approximately      20 Point Fixed Stop Loss and 60 Points Target  *If no stop loss or target met, Robot will close the trade at 3:29      *Avoid huge exposure for better result        *Only first two trade will attempt, all other signal will ignore 

Nifty Robot performance of 1st January 2018

December 2017 was given  a profit of Rs.57382. It was all time record. hope all our robo traders enjoy it. 

The first day of new year (1-1-2018) was not so good. Robo attempted 2 trade , a Short and long. Short was @10538.30 and long@10556 both were hit stop loss. As per our our strategy robo will ignore all other trade .  Loss Rs.5400

Net Profit is Rs.-5400                                        *Don't worry Profit/Loss.... its part of trading

Nifty Robo performance of 2nd January 2018

2nd January 2018 got a short signal@10498 and our stop loss was 10518 and Target 10438.It made a low of 10437. Profit Rs.9000.

Net profit is -5400+9000= Rs.3600                                               *We  managed our earlier loss   

Nifty Auto trade performance of 3rd January 2018

3rd January 2018 first signal long was @10504.50 and exit@10485.10. So its made a loss of 2910 . Then got a short signal@10485.10 and close the trade@10471.60 and got profit of Rs.2025.

Total profit from 1st Jan is 3600+-885= Rs.2715                                        *A boring day

Nifty Auto trader performance of 4th January 2018

4th January 2018 Short signal was @10474 and long was@10495. Short trade hit stop loss and long close@10536. Day's Profit is Rs.3150

Cumulative Profit is 2715+3150=Rs.5865.00                                                          *Its Fine

Nifty Algo trade performance of 5th January 2018

On 5th January again got 2 signals both were hit stop loss. Loss was Rs.3840.

Net profit is Rs.5865+ -3840 = Rs.2025      *Strictly keep up the discipline

Nifty Algorithm  trade performance of 8th January 2018

6th and 7th were market holiday. On 8th got long signal@10623 close the trade @10625 and profit was just Rs.300.

Total income is 2025+300= Rs.2325         * No comment 

Nifty Robotic trade performance of 9th January 2018

On 9th January 2018 got a short signal at 10626 and hit stop loss and 3 pm again a buy signal at 10654.90 and exit at 10641.40 ,So the total loss was Rs.5100

Total income is Rs.2325-5100= Rs. -2775                                *Market is testing our patience. 

Nifty Robotic trader performance of 10th January 2018

On 10th January 2018 also got 2 signals and both were hit stop loss and made total loss of Rs.3570

Total Profit is Rs.-2775+-3570=-6345 *Don't..afraid, One good trade will change everything...

Nifty robots trade performance of 11th January 2018

on 11th January 2018 again two trade executed. Short@10620.30 and exit@10635.20 . Next long was@10635.20 and exit@10660. Day's net profit was Rs.1515.

Total Profit was Rs.-6345+1515=-4830                                           *A very very small relief.... 

Nifty robots trader performance of 12th January 2018

On 12th January 2018 executed a Short trade@10680.70 and made a low of 10603 . Our target was 10620. So the profit was full and net profit was Rs.9000.

Total Profit was Rs. -4830+9000= Rs.4170                            *Yes...waiting from Long time

Nifty Auto-Robot  performance of 15th January 2018

A buy signal generated on 15th January 2018 at 10724.50 and target was 10784.50. But it made high of 10773 and closed 10745 . Profit was Rs.3075

Net Amount is Rs. 4170+3075= Rs.7245.00                          Slowly recovering from worst....

Nifty Robo-Trade trade performance of 16th January 2018

 On 16-12-2018 got a short signal at 10742.10 and target was 10682.10. It made a low of 10692 and closed in 10723 . Profit is Rs.2865.

Net Amount is Rs. 7245+2865= Rs.10110.00                                        *Yes...Its pay back time.

Nifty robotrade performance of 17th January 2018

On 17th January 2018 trade a long and short. both were hit Stop loss and a total loss of Rs.3990 realized.

Net Profit is Rs.10110+-3990= Rs.6120.00 .                                              * A small power cut.

Nifty Robotrader trade performance of 18th January 2018

On 18th January 2018 also 2 trade executed and the first long trade hit stop loss and 2nd Short trade hit the target. So the final profit was Rs.6000.

Net profit was Rs.6120+6000= Rs.12120.00                       *Patience is always a good quality.

Nifty Robo-trade performance of 19th January 2018

January 19th also had two trade. First short executed @10798.50 and next long trade at 10822.50. Short hit stop loss and Long achieved the Target. Profit was again Rs.6000.

Net profit was Rs.12120+6000=18120.00                                                * Let see...what next?

Nifty Algo-trade performance of 22nd January 2018

22nd January short at 10893.90 and long was 10914.50 . Our daily trade limit reached so robo stopped further  trade activity. Loss Rs.6000.

Total Amount was Rs.18120+-6000=12120.00                               * Hmm....I can understand....

Nifty Robotic-trade performance of 23rd January 2018

On 23rd January 2018 was only one long trade executed by robo trade software at 11005 and its achieved the target at 11065. So the profit was Rs.9000.

Net profit is Rs.12120+9000= Rs.21120.00                                                            * Oh...really?

Indian Robo trade performance of 24th January 2018

24th February Long at 11079.70 and short at 11057. both were hit stop loss and Loss was Rs.6000.

Total Amount is Rs.21120-6000= 15120.00                            *Not so happy....I am professional trader..But....

Robo trade India performance of 25th January 2018

On 25 th January 2018 short executed at 11068.90 and our target was 11008.90. It made a low of 11011.30. Unfortunately target was not hit and close the trade at 11070 and loss Rs.300. 

Total Profit was Rs.15120+-300=14820                                                               * I don't care....

NSE-Algo trade performance of 29th January 2018

26th and 27th were holiday and 29th January 2018 got a buy signal at 11129.90 and closed at 11138.20 . the profit was just Rs.1700.

Total Profit is Rs.14820+1245=16065.00                         *Something is better than nothing....         

NSE-Auto trade performance of 30th January 2018

on 30th January 2018 Bought at 11096.10 and sold at 11069.30 Profit is Rs. 4020.

Net profit is Rs.16065+4020= 20085.00                                                                      *Not bad....

Nifty Algorithmic  trade performance of 31st January 2018

Last trading day of the month also end up with Rs 6000 loss. because long and short were hit stop loss.

Final Profit of January 2018 is 20085+-6000= Rs.14085.00      *Finally....Anyway Thank You very much...

Robo trade India

   We are proudly introducing Algo trader for trading Equity Commodity Futures& Options and Currency Segment. It can execute both Intraday and positional orders. This plugin is compatible for Amibroker and MT4 platform. We have two types of execution methods. Individual client version and Multiple client version for brokers and Sub brokers. It allows the trader to customize different types of  trading strategies in real time basis.   One of the main advantage is that, It will remove all kinds of trade emotions, especially in daily executions.      Semi and fully Robotrader will help to manage their punching style, as per the  parameters. It will help the client to get full control over the real time punching process.  And also, our plugin is designed  to execute order from Instant Buttons. This feature is really helpful to activate quick transact decision especially in high volatile market and also when unexpected move occurs. 

Indian Robot Trading benefits for NSE MCX

Benefit of Automatic Trade execution software

  • Help to control emotional trade activities. Simply recall, before entering a stock You arranged well like a master. You research ton about the essential esteem, examined numerous specialized angle like pivot, strength , patterns, volume, studied numerous days,weeks,months even a long time of charts,collect numerous master tips. Be that as it may, We all know when we are before the broker terminal, the minute enter a scrip, our entire existence started to pump quick. We disregard fundamentals,technical,data,chart,tips and so forth our eye stick in Last Traded Price(LTP) of our executed scrip. Begin questioning our own particular choices, pondering our Stop-Loss level to move a more secure place. urgently figuring out how to exit from the chaos. these perpetual feeling is the untouched greatest adversary of the dealers, particularly day traders. Battling with this foe we need to receive the propelled instruments like Auto broker or Robot trader to boost our trading revenue.
  • Preventing Over-Trade activities. Presently consider the over trading issue. before entering an exchange all need to plan to help abnormal state of decepline.But when in real life ,begin falling every one of these principles particularly when you a lose couple of trade ceaselessly. For keeping up the lose soon, you begin execute twofold or triple the measure to make quick break even.Some time you win this perilous fight. be that as it may, it is exceptionally hazardous strategy which can wipe out from the market within a moment. NSE, MCX Robot trader programming will keep from over trading habit.
  • Maintaining Discipline. The business sectors are comprised of numerous members who are at any minute encountering a scope of feelings which can produce unstable economic situations. Indeed, even the best merchants fall prey to feelings, for example, dread and voracity. There is an inclination among learner brokers to put an exchange when the market is encountering high unpredictability and attempt to create speedy additions, in light of gut feel, without a particular exchanging plan.

    Outstanding among other approaches to advance teach, as a dealer, is to make a strategy for success. Creating wage from exchanging exercises is a business, and ought to be dealt with all things considered. You could never hazard your well deserved capital in another auto washing endeavor or eatery, for instance, without having an arrangement that demonstrates that you can profit. It ought to be the same with your exchanging business.

  • Improving Execution Speed. Quick execution is likewise a noteworthy part in progress, particularly in quickening accelerating situations. A gradually executing order will gobble up great piece of benefit. Auto execution programming is a perfect method to expand the excution speed. Normally its takes not as much as a moment to send requests to the intermediary terminal. Yet, in the event that attempt to put this request physically, a similar request will take over 15 seconds relying upon the people typing speed.
Robo trading Software features

Main features of NSE,MCX Robo Trade Software Plugin

  • Evaluating mode to to check the real time functions and profitability of Charts.
  • Can be execute with unlimited scrips through Nse and MCX robots
  • Possible to trade in one direction. Example Option buyers prefer to execute only long orders. Writers always choose Short orders.
  • Profit can be book  part of our positions like 50% in first target and remaining for second Target etc.
  • Can be trade with Pivot,Gann, Camarilla or Yesterdays high low levels without a charting tools.
  • Possible to send orders to multiple scrips from single chart. Example when a buy signal appearing in Nifty Futures and trade can be execute in many scrips like a buy order for Nifty Call options, Short order for Put options and even send order to buy Crudeoil or USDINR. Most suitable for options strategy making, Hedging and Arbitraging.
  • multiple type of trailing Stop-Loss can set.
  • Reverse trading like when buy signals appear in the chart sell order will execute in the terminal.
  •  Daily profit or Loss limit can be set to exit all active trade on achieving our limit.
  • Facility to set a particular time for entering and exit the market.
  • Various type of quantity management.
  • Can be work on Virtual machine (Cloud).
  • Order execution from Scanner.
  • Multi-User Plugin for Sub-brokers.
  • Order can be send from Excel sheet
  • Message and email alert .
  • Option Strategy Automation.
  • Lowest Price.
Robotics trading strategies for NSE MCX and Indian market

Robot Trading Strategies.

Robo traders utilize different type of methodologies and techniques to decide the best Buy Sell areas. Market investigators and brokers are always advancing and enhancing methodologies to devise new diagnostic strategies for understanding cash advertise developments. What take over are a portion of the more essential classes and real sorts of procedures built up that brokers regularly utilize.

  • Fundamental Analysis for Trading Robot Software

            fundamental analysis is the process Where traders will look at the fundamental markers of Nation's economy to try to understand whether a stock is underestimated                or exaggerated, and how its value is likely to move relative to another stocks. It can be highly complex, involving the many elements of a country’s economic data that              can demonstrate future trade and investment patterns.

  • Technical Analysis for NSE MCX Auto Trading Software

           Technical analysis is another fundamental classification of Stock/Commodity trading strategies that is profoundly supported among traders. Regularly it includes                     reviewing the past and recent conduct of instrument price trends on charts to figure out where they may propel going. The method of reasoning behind using                             technical analysis is that numerous traders trust that market movements are ultimately determined by supply, demand and mass market brain research, which                           establishes  limits and ranges for instrument prices to move up and down .

          Technical analysis incorporates a long list of individual methods used to detect likely instrument trends. Numerous traders acknowledge technical analysis because                they feel it gives them an objective, visual and scientific basis for determining when to buy and sell instruments.

  • Trading Systems for Indian Robot Trade Software.

A trading system is essentially a gathering of particular standards,  or parameters, that decide buy and sell points for a given scrips. These focuses, known as signals, are often marked on a graph in real time and prompt the immediate execution of a trade. Frequently at least two types of indicators will be joined to makes of a rule. For instance, the Moving Average crossover system uses two different moving average values, the higher period and the lower period, to generate a signals: "buy when the lower period crosses above the higher period, and sell when it's crosses opposite direction." In other cases, a parameter uses only one indicator.

What constitutes a prosperous trading scheme ? Certainly a prosperous trading system is one that result in profits in your trading.A Robo  trading system at its most rudimentary is a set of rules, an algorithm , for deciding when to buy or sell a stock, commodities or currencies .

Choose a trading system you like the most. If you relish to trade with the trend, turtles , moving average crossover,  counter-trend trading, select anything but keep a favorable risk reward ratio in robot-settings. A good risk reward ratio will make money for traders and a bad one will work hard to make money for you broker.

Robo-Trading systems (Robo-Buy Sell Chart).

TF Breakout
  • Mode : Intra-Day 
  • Preferred Time frame: 5 minute
  • Risk Reward Ratio: 1:3
  • Type:Non-Repaintable

TF breakout is a purely intra-day strategy which will generate buy sell signals based on time frame breakout. this strategy can be used in financial instrument like stock, futures, options,commodity and currency etc. And its very much suitable for index like nifty and bank nifty. It is non repainting indicator.And its make sure the signal consistency. Robo Trader will execute the trades in realtime and no need wait for the candle to close or waiting for the next bar to open. preferable time frame is 5 minute ,especially Nifty and bank nifty futures.

Real Robo Ver-2.0.1
  • Base :Volatility Breakout
  • Mode: Intra-Day/Positional
  • preferred time frame: 1/5/15 minute and 1 hr.
  • Risk reward Ratio: 1:3,1:4,1:5
  • Type: Non-Repaintable
Super Trend Heikin Ashi 
  • Base :ATR Breakout
  • Mode: Intra-Day/Positional
  • preferred time frame: 1/5/15 minute and 1 hr.
  • Risk reward Ratio: 1:3,1:4,1:5
  • Type: Non-repaintable
W.D.Gann Intra-day Strategy
  • Base :Gann Level Breakout
  • Mode: Intra-Day
  • preferred time frame: 5 minute 
  • Risk reward Ratio: 1:3,1:4,1:5
  • Type: Non reapintable
Renko Strategy
  • Base :?
  • Mode: ?
  • preferred time frame: ?
  • Risk reward Ratio: ?
  • Type: Future quotes ( Repaintable )

Auto trading Software India

   Algo trading volume is dramatically increasing day by day and now it covers 40 percentage of total trade volume.  It is applying almost all the segments in India. As per the     expert prediction, it will cross 50 percent very soon.

 With India's leading stock exchange getting yare for an initial public offering of shares, the algorithmic trading controversy may cast dark clouds as the matter still needs a closure.

As the National Stock Exchange (NSE) prepares for an initial public offering (IPO), allegations of its trading systems being prone to manipulation could prove to be a major hurdle.

The exchange has been under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) scanner for breach of fair norms in algorithmic trading practices.

The issue had come to the fore after a whistle-blower indited a letter to a business publication about inequitable access to a few brokers in algorithmic trading. Cull traders made expeditious bucks by utilizing the co-location facility at the exchange with access to a server with the least load. This availed such traders trade more expeditious than others who availed the same facility.

To look into the matter the regulator had hired Deloitte that substantiated some of the allegations.
In a letter to Sebi, dated February 14, the whistle blower had verbally expressed, "I am ecstatic to note conclusively some action has taken place on the complaints.”

However, the matter has not concluded and NSE perpetuates to send descries to a host of brokers.

Why is it paramount for NSE to bring this case to a conclusion?

It is critical for NSE to lay this matter to repose to ward off any trouble for its upcoming IPO.

When a company offers its shares to the public, people’s confidence matters the most. With cases of inequitable trade practices and system manipulation, mistrust can influence judgement.

Withal, Sebi has been reserved on the whole issue which may not go down well with market participants as they expect an expeditious tribulation.

After the regulator took matter in its hands, it directed NSE to set aside revenue engendered from its co-location accommodations. NSE reported monthly revenue of around Rs 55 crore from co-location accommodations coupled with transaction charges linked to co-located servers.

As the matter of inequitable algorithmic trading not winding up, NSE’s profits are in peril.

Investors hope the incipient NSE chief, Vikram Limaye will take requisite action against those inculpated as per the investigations, close this matter and prepare the exchange for its IPO, which is expected to be the most immensely colossal since 2010.

Another aspect to pay heed to is the trading practices in algorithmic trading, shortcomings in the system and the utilization of its co-location facility.

Robo Trader price

Single Scrip : Rs.750 Per Month ( Without chart  and Data)

Multi Scrip  : Rs.1700 Per month ( Without chart  and Data)

Multi Client: Rs.6900 Per month ( Without chart  and Data)

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