Unlock the Power of Algo Trading with Our Subscription Service

Algo Trader

Fully AI-Robotic execution

Multi scrips & Option Hybrid strategy Trading

Free Cloud (VPS-4 core & 4gb Ram)

Free Option buying or Selling Strategies

3 hr Personalized Training

Chat Support & Tele-Support

Fully Functional Mode: Rs.6940 Per Month

Evaluation Mode: Rs.2950 for 3 months

Price Action Trading

 Highly accurate Non-Algo Price action Indicators

1 trade Per day

Very Low Stop Loss

More than 80% Accuracy

Capital required: Rs.15000

Estimated Profit: Rs.350 to 1500+ per day

Max loss: 250 to 750 per trade

  Rs.9500 Initially and 1750 per month

Institutional Activity Scanner (IAS)

Highly Suitable for Option Buying & writing

Very Low Stop Loss

More than 80% Accuracy

Monthly:         Rs.9,750

Quarterly:      Rs.19,950

Half Yearly :  Rs.29,500

Yearly:             Rs. 49500

*Life Time :     Rs.2,00,000

FREE DEMO call: 914 222 7174 

       *Rt data & cloud charge extra for life time subscription

bank deyals

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*After making the payment, the client should have to fill the order form.

*Training & Evaluation Plan is ideal for beginners to learn about automatic trading and also useful to evaluate the performance of Robot Charts without capital risk. We strongly suggest new traders to subscribe evaluation plan at least one month before subscribing the regular mode.

*In evaluation mode, terminal trading feature will be disable. Detailed trade report will displayed in Robot plugin.

*If Your Robot Trader software is installed in the Virtual machine(VPS) or cloud You will have the advantage of getting access to your VPS or cloud from any computer or android mobile so that you can monitor your trade and alter it on the go, moreover if software is in the VPS there is no need of keeping your computer and internet on all the time. A user login is provided for the VPS so that you can login in it from any where and anytime.

Rs.500 should pay for Re-installation.

*Monthly subscriptions, Part payments & RT data charges, VPS subscriptions are not eligible for a refund.

Warning: Don’t deposit Cash. If Deposit Cash in Bank, add Rs.150 Extra. Please Use RTGS, NEFT or Fund Transfer. If You have no Internet Banking Facility, Please visit your Bank with a cheque leaf and our bank details. They will transfer the fund through NEFT. 1.5% service charge applicable for PayUmoney payment. No service charge for NEFT,RTGS and Fund transfer Please fill the order form after making the payment. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTOTRADING WITH AMIBROKER CHARTS :-

DOs: 1) Lock symbol in the chart to avoid accidental change of symbol in the chart. 2) It is highly recommended that if auto trading with multiple charts is to be done then please tile all the charts (Horizontal / vertical Tile) as Amibroker updates only visible charts. 3) Alternatively set RequestTimedRefresh with onlyvisible=false code on all the charts, but Amibroker performance might be affected and there is a chances of missing Signals. 4) System time is in sync with Data time MOST IMPORTANT: Instead of opening many charts, trade from amirbker Scanner and Filter is advised.

DONT’s: 1) Scroll back to see previous Signals as Amibroker processes the visible bars only. Since current bar would not be in current view then the current signals would be missed and if you scroll forward again these signals would have become stale. 2) Never select any previous candle in live chart else current signals would be ignored. 3) Do not minimize AmiBroker in any case otherwise it will have impact on Signals routing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) Instead of opening many charts, trade from amirbroker Scanner and Filter is advised. 2) Signals would be delayed for symbols where no candles are formed, due to illiquid scripts taken in AmiBroker and inconsistent AMI feed, for the time interval chosen. please refer to the following content about AMI Broker inactive charts, when minimized or not visible: