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What is Afl and DLL?


AFL writing and AFL to DLL coversion
Afl ( Amibroker formula language) is programming tool to write trading rules and designing the trading systems etc... . Behind every amibroker chart there is an afl code. anybody can see and edit this code by wright clicking and press edit formula option. 

When you want to sell your indicator, You must protect your Afl code to prevent copying and unauthorized distribution. If you convert your Afl to DLL format, your trading condition will be safe.

Apart from converting dll, you can also create a login control panel to manage your clients and their subscription.

How to proceed?

Send your trading ideas in detail to realsenseindia.com .

After receiving your mail, we will send a quotation to you.

Approve the quote and pay 50% in advance.

After completing the project, we will arrange an online demo.

After completing the demo pay the remaining amount.

After receiving the balance amount, we will deliver the project with necessary training.  

Delivery period will be vary depends on your requirements.

Future modification, additions will be charged.

Online marketing service will be provide with attractive monthly subscription.


Highly accurate Idea implementation.

Easiest license management system.

System based licensing.

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