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Automatic Currency trading.
We realsense trading solution develop the first Robo trader software for Indian currency market. This Software will identify the Buy Sell signals from charting software(amibroker, MT4 etc..) and automatically execute the trade in your broker terminl ( Nest, Now, odin).
Why Premium  Currency Realtime Data Feed?

Are you a serious currency trader and  you are using Amibroker charting software for trading decisions? If your present data feed is not updating chart properly, you are in trouble. The strength of any charting software is quality data feed. 


For error less analysis, the price  traded in the exchange, should update your Bar or Candle chart instantly without any missing. If any tick miss, actual form of candle/bar will show wrong shape. it will show you a wrong open, high, low and close. Based on the candle all your technical analysis indicators will give you wrong Moving Average(MA), relative strength Index(RSI), Moving average convergence and divergence(MACD) etc.... the list is endless.

I am sure, you are not happy with this situation. the only solutions for the issue is to feed a quality data  to your charting software. Plz contact NSE authorized data vendours for quality Realtime data feed.